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1 2 3 4 3 YEARS LATER "Y/N this shirt is not doing it for me do you have anything else?" You laughed a little as you threw a white silk polo at Jongdae. "Here and don't let Nana hear you she'll kill you for saying  that." He laughed,"I think I know how to deal my girlfriend." You rolled your eyes,"Well Chen, Nana and I have been friends for so long. I think I know her more than you." He faked gasped,"Is that a challenge Y/N." "Just shut up and get dressed." You then looked down on your phone as you felt someone snake their arms around you. "Hey babe." You turned around to see Chanyeol wearing the outfit you chose for him,"Woah I thought it would look great on you but this..." You said as your hands motioned up and down,"...is not what I was expecting." He laughed as he kissed your cheek,"Ew. Get a room." Chanyeol laughs as he grabs a pillow and throws it at the youngest of the group, Sehun. "Shut up." Sehun laughs as he looks at me,"Y/N can you grab me a shirt I can wear Nana chose this really ugly shirt and--" "Ugly?!! Excuse me Sehun but that shirt is a trend right now and--" Nana turns her head towards Jongdae,"That's not the shirt I chose for you." She then glares at you as you gave her a shrug and an awkward smile as she turned back at Chen,"Take that off and wear the shirt I got you! I'm your stylist not Y/N." Jongdae pouted, "Babe I love you but I don't want to be made fun of for my outfit again. Just stick to doing our hairs and please not like Kyungsoo's. Oh lord." She laughed,"His fault for making fun of me." Yes laughed rolling your eyes,"The poor boy." She smiled as she hugged you,"But he called my clothes ugly...poor me! Not him!" You glanced at Sehun,"I guess your next then." He looked like he was in a panic,"You know I was just kidding right Nana?" She smiled,"Okay. But maybe dressing boys is just not my forte." You shook your head,"Nope." She then took out her phone with a photo of the two of you at the night of the party 4 years ago,"This was my best work yet." Sehun looked at the photo,"Is that?" She nodded,"Unfortunately she refuses to dress like this anymore." You rolled your eyes,"I don't refuse to just not in the mood to." Nana then gave Sehun a sly smile,"Alright time to style your hair." Sehun then covered his hair as he noticed Nana grab a pair of scissors,"Get your hands away from those scissors Nana. I swear I will scream." She laughed as she cut open a packet of chips,"What I have weak hands and I really wanted these corn snacks." The room then was filled with laughter by the boys and staff members present. "Oh shit I forgot the jacket I was going to have Baek wear." Chanyeol popped some of the chips into his mouth,"Want me to get it?" You shook your head,"No babe. Its fine its my job to handle this. Nana I'll be back." She nods as she placed some gel into Sehun's hair. "Alright." ----------- You were locking the van as you held the hanger holding a black velvet jacket when your phone started to ring,"Hey Y/N are you almost up? The boys are due in 30 and I still have to do Baekhyun's hair." Struggling to close the door while holding your phone,"Yeah I just found it I'll be up. Just do his hair." You hung up the phone as you dropped the jacket. But before it can hit the floor someone had caught it. You instantly knew who it was. The midnight black hair. The eyes with the soft stern look,"Yoongi?" He smiled awkwardly waving his hands,"Hey...I saw you and thought you needed help." You shook your head as you locked the van,"Uh yeah thanks I would've killed myself if that jacket touched the ground." You said smiling as you grabbed the jacket from him,"It was nice bumping into you Yoongi but I have to get going boys will be performing soon." You then walked away running to the elevator. Your heart was racing. Not sure if it was the running or maybe the sudden encounter with the man you once loved. Either way it made you uncomfortable. The elevator door was closing soon when a man with pink hair held the door open, "Sorry can we join you?" Six other boys joined him as you nodded. You froze realizing you knew some of them was."Y/N?" You nodded at Namjoon's question and wittily replied,"Bangtan?" They all laughed,"How do you guys know her?" Their youngest Jungkook asked. "College." Namjoon laughed,"Man were those the wild days. But you know Yoongi and her used to--" "Enough Namjoon." You were surprised how fast the atmosphere changed with Yoongi's hostile tone,"Yoongi it's fine. The past is he past." He slowly nodded,"So your brother finally made it EXO right? And that guy..." You nodded,"Yup Baek and Yeol ended up in the same group. And I'm their stylist." "So are you and that Yeol guy still dating?" You bit your lip contemplating whether to lie or not,"No. He's on a dating ban so we set it off...besides fans can get crazy. I don't think I want to endanger my life yet." The boys laughed as the elevator door dinged open and you all got off. "Well I'll see you guys later. Goodluck at your performance." You then bowed as you headed the opposite direction as you heard Yoongi scream,"It was nice seeing you again. Is your number still the same." You stopped in your tracks as you turned around and nodded. "Watch this performance...please...and listen to the lyrics of the song. Just keep in mind I wrote it for you." He then turned around and hurriedly left. Leaving you stunned at the now empty hallway. He wrote a song about me? "Finally she's back!" Nana yelled from across the room as Baekhyun found his way to you,"Here." You then helped the man put it on top of his white silk button down. "Perfect." Baekhyun smiled as he followed the boys out of the dressing room. You waved goodbye,"Goodluck! Break a leg!" "What happened to you? You look like you seen a ghost?" You turned to Nana feigning innocence,"What? What do you mean? Was I acting weird?" You cleared your throat as you folded the clothes you didn't use for today's show. Nana helped you as she sighed heavily,"Y/N we have been friends since we were in the womb. I know when something's up so spill. What happened?" "I just...I bumped into BTS..." "By BTS you mean Yoongi? Like Min Yoongi?" You nodded,"What'd he say?" You sighed throwing the clothes on the bag you had brought,"Well he asked how I've been. Very awkward silence. Then he asked about Chanyeol...and I kind of told him I'm not dating Yeol..." "And that's bad? Yeol is from SM. He's from BigHit if you reveal anything and turns out he's still the snake from college EXO's career can end just like that because of a certain member dating a certain stylist." You slowly nodded,"I guess you're right...but then he asked me if my number was still the same as before." Nana then looked up at you,"And what'd you say?" You smiled awkwardly,"Yes?" "Y/N!! What if he has never gotten over you and was just thrilled to hear you're still single and asks you out?" You stood up pacing to the other side of the room as Nana followed you,"Obviously I'll reject him! I love Chanyeol and nothing can change that..." "Love? Y/N you think I don't notice you're not as close to him as you were with Yoongi. You'll be shocked how fast old feelings come flooding back even if it has been years. Did anything else happen?" You shook your head thinking maybe telling her about the song would make the situation worse. "You sure?" You silently nodded as she walked to the door,"Don't reply to his messages okay?" You nodded once again,"Yes Ma'am." You then followed her as you both went to go watch the show. ------------ EXO had just finished their performance it was now BTS's turn. You flinched at the screams from the ARMYs as they waved their ARMY bombs. Another scream when the music had started. As Yoongi instructed you listened carefully to the lyrics.
Past the cold winter Until the spring day comes back Until the flowers bloom Will you stay there a little longer Will you stay
You cleared your throat as Yoongi's verse was was coming.
I don't know if you've changed or if I've changed I hate how time flows even in this moment I guess we changed That's just the way it is
You were sucked into their performance your eyes following Yoongi's every move when you felt a hand creep its way to your shoulder,"Y/N...lets go. I've been calling you." You nodded as you placed your hand on your forehead,"Uhm...Uh yeah right sorry." You began to walk out as you looked back your eyes once again landing back on Yoongi. It's been 4 years Yoongi. I've moved on. You looked down. You did move on right? ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby @Bangtanss @AimeeH @Lexxcisco @SkyBlast @Jaerinn @hskswife @MelissaGarza @SaraDarWish Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe @SugaKookieV @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @KenyaMendoza @SarahHibbs @EmilyCayetano @twistedPuppy @sarahdarwish If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. A @AbbyRoscoe @AdriannaFletc @AlexisRiver @amandamuska @AmberFranco @AmberRelynn @AngelaDarkness @AnnieGoodman @AraceliJimenez @ArtCrazy @Ashcherue @athomas3339 @awkwardjazzy @AyleenChavez B @BabyBaekiee @babymarkson @Baekyeol27 @BreHolmes @BTSlover7 @BTSxEXO C @CallMeMsDragon @CarolSilva @Cheti96 @chisom756 @cns1391 @CrystalBlunt @CrystalGuerra @CrystalV D @DeeNice @Destiny98 @dreemer13 @drummergirl691 @Dyrinda E @Eli20 @elizabeth1234 @EmilyGardner @ESwee @EvodiaEbraheem F @FromBlue2U H @Hongbinhyung @hopesforsuga711 I @ibMIMI @IkutoZero @Indiglow @Insfired @IsoldaPazo J @jademarie4567 @JadeOwens @JasminMartinez @JaxomB @JessicaEvaristo @JordanShuler @Josyy7 K @KaiLuhan4ever @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @Kpopanime45 L @LacyTanner @Lelulgc @LinnyOk @loljan17 @lopleaf19 @LunaFergus @luvella18 M @MaelstromVIP @makidabebe @maricela17mrn @MaricelvaRomero @MaritessSison @matty0203 @Mavis2478 @may99 @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @Mogu @MorleeCorielus @MsLoyalHeart N @namjoonxme @nikkynoel @NykeaKing O @otakukpoper P @ParkHwaYoung Q @QueenLele S @sabriWOLF619 @selfishmachines @Shadyllamas @ShailaZaman @ShannonSaysHey @ShellyVargas @sierrakuper @SimplyAwkward @SindyHernandez @StarlightV @stevieq @soulofsouls @Spark2015 @sugakookies95 @Sulgie T @Taekookimonster @thekpoprealm @tiffany1922 @tinytreeleaf @TKOtaku @TracyLynnn @turntuptae Y @YessicaCardenas @yoongiinfiresme @YviLole15 V @VeronicaArtino
I like the little theory you added for Spring Day!
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this story is great
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Wow! Please add me to the tag list.
of courseee
omg yoongi what have you done to me 😢😢💖💖💖💖
he is so frustrating writing this i got pissed 😡
Omg Yoongi!!!
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Boy!!! We could have been together celebrating but no yo ass had to go for a slut! *scoffs* your luck your my bias....
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