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The group Dalmation, or DMTN, has been through a LOT.

While their end was dramatic, nothing tops the beginning which sounds like it is straight from a Korean drama.

More than 10 years ago, Inati was a member with MC Mong in the hip hop group ‘People Crew’ and in April 2004, he practiced to feature in MC Mong’s 1st solo album but was rushed to the hospital due to severe aches in his head.
In receiving the news that he was diagnosed with a rare type of brain hemorrhage, he fell into a coma and in the words of the doctor, it would have been hard for Inati to wake up,

MC Mong, who spent time with Inati in the practice room, visited the hospital as he cried while saying “Please wake up. If you wake up, I promise to make an album in your name.” He spent nights nursing him as he even paid for the treatment fees, showing his care for him.

With intensive care from MC Mong and close ones, Inati miraculously woke up after two months of hardships and has restored completely after constant check-ups and treatments after 5 years.

MC Mong, who heard of Inati’s treatments being completed, decided to set him as the center of 6 members and began to go into producing. This was to keep his promise to Inati 6 years ago.

Dalmatian’s Inati said, “MC Mong was the person who held my hand in the turning point of my life. Before being my sunbae in the industry, he’s like a parent figure to me. He truly watched over me and taught me many things whilst being beside me. I will do my best in return of paying back the gratitude.”

I listened to DMTN all the time but had no idea!

I've never heard of dmtn but i hope everyone is doing well
I miss them
same ㅜㅜ
That's intense. I'm not really into Dalmatian but when I was checking them out I was like 'Inati will for sure be my bias' I never knew that. I glad he woke up and is alive and doing well.
OMG I need to listen to them now this is amazing
I love Dmtn. ♡~♡
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