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In Marry Him If You Dare, episode 5, the big Mi Rae(played by Choi Myung Gil) showed Na Mi Rae(played by Yoon Eun Hye) the collapse of Namsan Tower. Miranda(played by Go Doo Shim) placed Kim Sin(played by Lee Dong Gun) in a small company in a countryside. Also, his show was waiting to be shut down. The big Mi Rae called Sin out at night and said, “Why are you giving up your life so easily? Where’s that Kim Sin, who said he will be back as the main anchor again?” She handed him an umbrella and said, “Just wait a moment. I’ll help you.” Just then, it started to rain, and Sin was surprised. The big Mi Rae called Mi Rae and said, “I’ll give you a great gift, so go to the highest hill near our neighborhood with Joo Hyun(played by Oh Jung Sae).” As soon as Mi Rae and Joo Hyun arrived at a hill, Namsan Tower suddenly collapsed.
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I love this drama!