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It's one of our leader in house of Extessy @amobts  Birthday on Monday! Happy birthday!  As a special event some of us in the House of Exctessy are creating smut with birthday as the theme. How exciting!  lol I joined in the fun and have a short little one shot for you to read.
Once Again Happy Birthday @amobts !!!

I wanted to make tonight special. I knew I didn't get to have alot of time with my lover but tonight he promised he would be here. When I got the text that he was on his way over I smiled and started making preparations. Changing out of my close I pulled out the silk creme lingerie and the soft blue thong I had to match  the ribbon that tied just under my breasts.  Feeling sexy and beautiful I fluffed up my hair  in the mirror. He wasn't here yet so I went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of sparkly for myself and two glasses. Almost 7 he should be here soon. I dimmed the lights and waited. And waited, and waited. An hour later there was a knock on the door. "Finally" I mumbled to myself. I opened the door and leaned against it. "Hey bad boy" I said it a smooth voice. Jimin stood there staring, flowers in his hand and his eyes on my exposed skin. "If I knew this was waiting I would have skipped getting my hair done" Jimin said as he took a step into me and wrapped his arm around my waist. I looked him up and down with a sigh. He really looked good, he wore black leather pants and a silky button down shirt  and his hair was extra fluffy begging my fingers to slide through those locks. "If you weren't so good looking I'd be mad at you " I sighed closing the door behind him. "Ah so you like me for my looks" he gave me that famous grin of his making me chuckle "Its a bonus" I smiled. "Are the flowers for me?" I asked. "Yea, happy birthday Jazz." Jimin said handing them to me. "Thanks baby" I pressed my lips to his cheek then pulled away from him. I was only a step away but his hands were pulling me back to him. "Where do you think your going?" He purred next to my ear. My body shivered. "Vase, for flowers" I said. "Hmm later. You seem to have other plans for us tonight" his lips brushed along my neck as he spoke.  My body leaned back into him. "I did" I nodded. "Tell me about these plans" he said. "In detail. " "I was going to seduce you into making love to me" I said. "Oh, and how were you going to do that?" His voice dipped into a growl as his hands slid into the silk, pressing his hands against my breasts, his thumbs rubbing over my nipples. "I can't think when you do that " I sighed as I leaned back into his chest. His thumbs stilled.   "Is that better?" He asked. "No"  I groaned which made him chuckle. "How about you tell me what to do next?" He said. "You moving your fingers again" I sighed pushing my chest into his hands. "Hmm then I want to go down on you, lick you like a lollipop" I said which made him groan. I could feel him against my back, how firm his body was and the bulge that was growing bigger in his pants.   "Baby it's all about you today" he whispered as his lips trailed against my bare shoulder. My straps had fallen at some point. His hands trailed down from my breasts and towards my nether regions, his hand dipping into my panties, fingers flicking against my skin and then skidding into me making my body clench his fingers and a moan escape.  His other hand circled my waist, the tips of his fingers tickling my skin. My whole body felt like it was a lit with desire. "Jimin" I moaned his name. "Jazz, baby you feel so good" his voice was husky as his hand made a magical rhythm. I was so close, when he moved his hand faster moans escaped my mouth and my body convulsed against him as my orgasm came fast. "How you feeling baby" Jimin said as he stroked my hair with his free hand. "Jimin" I sighed. When I could move I turned around to face him and grinned. "Oh you really are a bad boy, you peeked at your present" I said with a wink. "My present?  Jazz it's your birthday" Jimin laughed. "Hmm" I licked my lips. "Then what's my present Jiminie?" I asked him "Is this not good enough for you?" He indicated himself. "Hmm it's tempting,  maybe If I get a peek at what it is" I grinned  my hand trailing down his shirt, unbuttoning it and slowly peeling the shirt off him exposing his firm Chest and his abs. I ran my fingers over his skin, my fingers dipping just barely into his waistband before he stopped me. "Unless you want to be taken right here  don't do that" Jimin hissed. "I'm okay with that" I purred making him groan Flowers were forgotten on the floor as he backed me up into the couch  I fell onto it with him on top of me. My light giggle encouraged him to grind his hips against me making me feel him. My fingers danced over his hips and towards his buckle to undo his pants I made short work of it as I pulled him out and ran my fingers over his erection eliciting a long groan from him and his hips rocking himself into my hand. "How do you want it? Fast and hard? Soft and  sweet?" He asked making me groan "Baby I'm not going to last long with you thrusting into me like that" I said as I pressed my lower body into his eliciting a groan out of him. Taking a condom out of his pocket he rolled it out on his erection as he stood up. "Get on your back baby" he instructed. Laying on the couch I spread my legs open as his hands trailed up my thighs and to my sweet spot. His fingers circled around before thrusting in. "So slick" he hissed. "Do you need more then my fingers?" He asked. "Yes Jimin fuck me, your driving me mad" I declared as he extracted his fingers. His firm body loomed over mine and I felt the tip of him for a moment  and then he was completely inside me. Not taking a moment he drew out and slammed back into me hitting my sweet spot and making me moan. Over and over he rammed his erection in the same spot as his hands slid up my chest, one hand roaming over my breasts as the other created a cage of my neck holding me in place. My core throbbed as I was close. My hands slid up his chest and gripped his shoulders as I road out my orgasm. His body shook as he came. After the shocks wore off we rested on the couch for a few minutes. "Well that was faster then I thought" I chuckled. "Jazz baby that was just getting started. Your birthday doesn't end for another 3 hours and this birthday present is ready to be opened again" Jimin grinned at me. "In that case, I'm going to enjoy your present the rest of the night" I chuckled as I pressed a kiss to his lips.

Wow damn what a way to end the night I loved it
tag me please my name was @Sulgie but i changed it 😉😉
I feel like the best members that are fit for smut are Jimin, Suga and Rap Monster.
yass honey yass lol! this made my day!