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My bias in Suju is Leeteuk, but there are 3 others who are the bias wreckers. Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Heechul.

For this MCM, I'm gonna focus on all of them.
why not?

*I'm not to be held responsible for nosebleeds, drool, squealing, or someone walking in while these pics are on your screen*

1st: Leeteuk aka Mister Smiles and Rudeness

2nd: Heechul aka Mister 50/50 cutie diva.
3rd: Donghae: aka Mister Smouldering eyes.

Finally Eunhyuk aka Mister Smiley super Rude beast. (Sorry, Sorry, Not Sorry)

Hope you enjoyed!!

tagging the Mods!

Mi the would have to be Siwon and Eunhyuk
9 months ago·Reply
siwon pokes his head in my wrecker list once in a while too
9 months ago
Oh My! You did warn us 😂
9 months ago·Reply
indeed i did lol
9 months ago
*mentally questioning life choices*
9 months ago·Reply
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Still questioning those life choices
9 months ago
Do I see a shirtless bias here???? *squeals at Eunhyuk and his cuteness* I LOVE YOU LEE HYUKJAEEEE
9 months ago·Reply
yeasss! wrecker #1 right there
9 months ago