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Jungkook woke when he heard his phone buzz. He groaned as he sat up from the bed to look for his phone. He grew irritated looking for his pants and when he found them he missed whoever was calling him. He cursed as he put his pants on and looked at his phone to see a miss call from each of the members and a text message from each of them. Jungkook debated on who to call but he never had a chance to call either one of them when his phone lit up. Jin was calling.
“Hello hyung.” Jungkook said upon answering.
“Please tell me that you are at the airport either needing a ride or you’re heading this way.” Jin sounded worried and Jungkook hated that he was making not just Jin hyung, but the others as well.
“Actually, my flight landed yesterday and since it was late I got a room.” Jungkook told Jin in hopes he would stop worrying.
“Do need any of us to pick you up?”
“I think I can manage hyung. I’m just going to grab my things and head that way.”
“Actually, I would prefer that one of us comes to get you.”
“Hyung I do not want a party just because I am back. I just want to go home and find my bed.” Jungkook complained. Maybe a few years ago sure he wouldn’t mind. However, he wasn’t 18 years old anymore.
“Jungkook we haven’t seen you in four years. We are only having my girlfriend and her new roommate join us. That is all who I invited. Plus, we never had the chance to celebrate your coming of age ceremony.” Jin told him and Jungkook started to feel bad for telling Jin no. “Alright I’m going to get ready for the day and contact Jimin and Taehyung. I’m sure they will keep me busy until its time.” Jungkook hung up and laid back on the bed.
Taking a deep breath, he could smell cherries and coconut. He knew whomever she was, was long gone by now. He starred up at the ceiling in deep thought. Jungkook wanted to meet her again and this time get her name. He thought that the reason why they didn’t introduce each other was because of the frustration they both shared.
Jungkook didn’t plan on bring her to his room last night. No, his plan was to have a beer and then sleep. However, he had more than one beer and he felt attracted to her. Her brown hair that looked black and her deep blue eyes that almost looked almost like a navy color when aroused. Sitting back up he sent Jimin a text telling where he was at and the code to the door. Once he hit sent, Jungkook went and took a shower.
Before he went in he saw something shining by his shirt. Bending down he picked up only to see that it was a bracelet. A smirk appeared on his face and placed the bracelet in the pocket of his jacket.
Turning on the water letting the hot water hit him. He was stiff from being on the plane for 14 hours. He hissed when the water hit his chest. He looked to see small red lines. He shook his head thinking how much she loved touching him on his chest. Out of all the women he had been with, she was the only one who touched like that. Those small gentle hands grazing and outlining every muscle of his. Just thinking about it made his muscles relax.
He finished up and walked out to see Taehyung on his phone texting who knows who. Jimin was playing a game on his phone. Taehyung looked up to see Jungkook only a towel hanging on his hips and another towel around his neck.
“Well looks like our baby grew up.” Taehyung exclaimed causing Jimin to look up. Jungkook shock his head and grabbed his clothes before heading back to the bathroom to change.
“Hey who was here with you?” Jimin asked.
“Why do you ask hyung?” Jungkook asked walking back out with only his pants on and shirt in his hand. “Well if you look the other pillow was used and we know that you don’t use two pillows.” Jimin was giving Jungkook a look waiting for him to explain.
“Hyung have you ever thought that maybe I use two now. It’s been four years and I have changed.” Jungkook finished getting ready and looked around discretely without his hyung’s asking him what he was doing. He wanted to make sure that she didn’t leave anything else. Taehyung grabbed Jungkook’s bag when they walked out.
“So, we have to keep you out until 6 tonight. Jin hyung doesn’t want you anywhere near home. So, Jungkookie what would you like to do?” Jimin asked when all three entered the lift.
“Not sure maybe walk around the shopping district to see what is new.” Jungkook suggested. To be honest he didn’t care what they did. What he did care about finding her and returning her bracelet. His left hand played with it tracing the design on it. The design was unique where he has never seen it before.
“We could also stop by the studio. We changed buildings and we teach classes every Tuesday and Thursday. On Saturdays, we have our advanced classes to give those more of a challenge.” Jimin shared with Jungkook. Jimin looked at Jungkook who seemed to be in his own little world. Jimin shook his head and walked out of the lift when they landed on the main floor.
Jungkook went to check out of the room that he was using. He asked the front desk to contact him if they find anything that was left in there. The poor middle age woman was blushing like a school girl when he was talking with her. The manager came around to be of assistants. Jungkook repeated the same thing and the manager smirk asking if things got wild with the lady he was with. Jungkook was getting annoyed, but held it in. He told them that if they find anything to just contact him.
He walked out without letting Jimin and Taehyung know. The had to jog to catch up to him. They asked him what was wrong and Jungkook just blamed it on jetlag. He was just annoyed and it wasn’t worth being annoyed at someone that he didn’t know. He followed his hyungs as the arrived at Jimin’s car. When everyone was in, Jimin drove off to find Starbucks. He figured caffeine would help the tired maknae. Jimin went through the drive through and ordered. Once they paid and had their order, the caffeine seemed to help a little.
They drove around endlessly going nowhere in particular. They stopped at the studio for Jungkook to see what they have done.
The last time Jungkook was in their studio, the place was dark and barely had any light in the rooms. With the new place, there was a lot of light and more rooms added. Taehyung told him that Namjoon and Yoongi added studios to work on music. Taehyung was ecstatic by saying how awesome it was to have almost everyone at the same work place. Jungkook asked why he said that, about having at least everyone was here.
“Jin hyung works a crossed the street with his girlfriend at a clothing shop.” Jimin told Jungkook and pointed to the building that was a crossed the street. Jungkook looked to see a big sign saying, ‘Paris Boutique’. There were mannequins in the window wearing simple, but classy French style clothing.
“The shop is owned by Mi Sun’s best friend.” Jimin shared. Jungkook just nodded and grew curious on who Mi Sun was along with who her best friend was too. He in away needed to know since he was going to meet them tonight. He wasn’t quite sure how to ask his hyungs. After they walked around the studio they walked out to find a place for lunch.
Walking into a café they sat down and ordered. While they were waiting for their food, Taehyung asked him what it was like being in the states and if he was still shy when girls are around him. Jungkook told him that being in the states was a challenge, but managed after a few months. To his hyung’s relief he was no longer shy round girls. It was evident when the thoughts of last night appeared and a smile crossed his face. His hyung’s noticed the smile and began teasing him.
“So, who is Mi Sun and her best friend?” Jungkook asked after their food arrived.
“Mi Sun is Jin’s girlfriend and they have been together for about 4 years. She moved a crossed from us and made Jin nervous finding out that his boss was living in the same complex as us.” Jimin answered while taking a few bits here and there.
“Her best friend is Ji Su who is the owner of the shop you saw. She doesn’t come around much but from the sounds of it, we’ll be seeing more of her.” Taehyung told Jungkook.
“Why you say that?” Jungkook was curious on why this Ji Su was hardly around but now she was. It was confusing to him, but made him curious.
“Ji Su’s boyfriend of five years broke up with her and kicked her out of the place they shared. We helped put a bed in the spar room in Mi Sun’s apartment this morning. I think you’ll like her Kookie. She is a short cute girl with dark brown hair that looks like black at times, and her eyes are this sapphire blue that draws you in. It’s hard to believe that she is the same age as Jimin and I. You would think that she was in high school.” Taehyung smile his famous box smile as he described her.
Dark hair that looks like black and eyes that are a sapphire blue. Jungkook took that out of what Taehyung told him about Ji Su. When he said dark hair, he thought of the woman he was with last night along with the eyes. Could she be the one that I meet last night? He thought to himself. He smiled at the thought of wanting to go home and see if was right.
When the sun was slowly going down, Jimin decided it was close enough to 6 that they could start heading home. Jungkook sat in the back of the car playing with the bracelet once again. If this Ji Su was the one he was with last night would he give her the bracelet or would he hold it captive just to see her more than once? With no feelings attached?
He wasn’t looking to find a girlfriend and the woman he was with last night was defiantly not looking for a boyfriend. Jungkook just wanted to have someone to help with his needs along with helping with hers. This wouldn’t be his first time to just have something with no attachments. He did it all the time while he was in the states.
“Jungkook? Hello earth to Jungkook?” Taehyung waved his hands in front of Jungkook. Taehyung for the past minute was trying to get Jungkook’s attention.
“Sorry hyung was off in my own little world.” Jungkook gave Taehyung a small smile putting the bracelet away.
“I noticed. We’re here let’s head up. I’m sure everyone is there and waiting.” Taehyung got out of the car and Jungkook followed. Carrying his bag, he of heard Jimin asking about one of the gifts for the coming of age. Jungkook heard the word kiss and shook his head.
They don’t have to really give me the traditional gifts. As long there is food and a bed after I’ll be happy. Well that was what he thought. On the other hand, he was hoping that if he did get at least one of the gifts and it was the main one.
The kiss.
“Hey Jimin I just realized that Jungkook is taller than you or that you shrunk.” Jimin punch Taehyung when they stepped out of the lift on to their floor. “Ow I was joking.” Taehyung whined.
Jungkook shook his head seeing that somethings haven’t changed since he left. Walking down the hall he looked up see a small figure wearing light blue sweatshirt step out from their apartment. The small figure turned their head to see him and the other two walking. Jungkook almost stopped walking when they were closer.
It was her.
“Hey Ji Su, you’re just now coming? I figured you would be drinking that god-awful cherry drink that Yoongi makes.” Jimin said to her when they were closer.
“I would, but I lost track of time.” Jungkook watched her gave Jimin a sweet small smile before looking at Taehyung and stopping to look at Jungkook. Those sapphire eyes of hers was intoxicating that Jungkook fought the urge to take her against the wall. He watched her look at him and her cheeks redden. He gave her a smirk knowing what she was thinking.
“This is the guest of honor. Introduce yourself.” Taehyung elbowed Jungkook pulling him out of the trance he was in. Jungkook glared at Taehyung before extending his hand out to her. “I’m Jeon Jungkook. Nice to meet you.” He said to her and watched her blink while a shaky breath escaped those delicious lips of hers.
“I’m Kim Ji Su.” She took his hand and he felt electric sparks pass through. Through his hair, he looked at her. Those eyes of hers were piercing right though him. He smirked at her, liking this side of her, but not as much as the one he saw last night.
“Alright let’s go and get this party started!” Taehyung shouted making Ji Su jump and letting go of Jungkook’s hand.
“Taehyung it’s not nice to yell when there are others who live on this floor.” Ji Su said to Taehyung glaring at him.
“Sorry.” Was all he said with the smile of his.
“Alright how about Ji Su goes in first since she is a lady and we should be gentlemen and let her go in first.” Jimin said glancing at Ji Su.
“No that’s ok. We should let the guest of honor go first. I just need to grab something and I’ll be back.” Ji Su was trying to escape it was on her face as Jungkook was watching her. On an impulse Jungkook took her hand and walked in the apartment where everyone was at. Ji Su didn’t fight with him knowing she was in defeat.
Taking their shoes off, Ji Su removed her hand, walking in without glancing back at him. He watched her walk away with her hips moving side to side. He smirked as dirty thoughts appeared of what he would do to her.
“Yoongi can you make me that cherry drink of yours please.” Jungkook heard her say. He could tell when she spoke that she was nervous.
“Welcome home Jungkook.” He was enveloped into a hug from Hoseok. Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi followed by giving him a hug or a slap on the back. “It’s good to be home.” He said to them giving him one of his bunny smiles of his.
He was glad to be home. He would never tell them how bad he missed being here and how many times he thought about quitting to just come home. They sat around the table in the living room chatting away about what Jungkook did and learned. Through the whole time, Jungkook would catch Ji Su glancing at him. Her face would turn every shade of red every time he would catch her.
He watched her stand up and head to the kitchen with her empty glass. Jungkook stood up and followed her.
“I think you left this with me.” He said standing behind her, taking the bracelet out his pocket and dangling it in front of her. Ji Su jumped and turned to face him. She sighed with her eyes closed and the smell of cherries hit him. He cocked his head to the left with his eyes half opened. He put the bracelet back into his pocket. Her small hands reached out trying to take it from him, but failed.
“Can I please have it back?” She asked glaring at him.
“No.” was all he said before walking back to his spot between Hoseok and Namjoon. He was teasing and playing with her. When she returned to her seat next to whom Jungkook assumed was Mi Sun. Her glass was filled and almost gone.
“Hey Ji Su, what happened to you behind your ear?” Taehyung asked her as she stopped midway of taking another sip.
“I took her to the river today and the bugs were pretty bad. I guess spring is coming in pretty fast this year.” Mi Sun said for Ji Su.
“Really? Because we were at the river today too and the bugs never once appeared.” Jungkook said to tease Ji Su some more. She shot him a glare from a cross the table.
Ah I see you don’t want everyone to know what happened. He thought giving her a smirk in return. Before she could reply to him, Jin walked in with a cake singing congratulations on becoming an adult. Everyone joined in clapping as they all sang along. Jungkook blew out the candles everyone cheered. Hoseok handed him flowers and Yoongi handed him perfume. That was only two out of the three gifts. The last gift was the one that he truly wanted. Especially if the kiss tasted like cherries.
“Well Kookie who would you like to kiss?” Jimin asked in between laughs. Jimin was laughing because Jungkook either had to kiss one of the guys or Ji Su. Jungkook stood up placing the flowers and the perfume on the table. He walked over to Ji Su and smirked at her. Mi Sun squealed and clapped her hands seeing the scene unfold in front of her. Ji Su turned away from him even though from the look in her eyes, she to wanted to kiss him. Taking his hand and grabbing her chin making her look at him. Her face was red, embarrassed with every single pair of eyes were watching them. Taking his free hand, he brushed her right hand that was in her lap. He was trying to calm her down.
Jungkook leaned in and pecked her lips. He wasn’t going to go any further to embarrass her more.
“Come on Kookie that was not a kiss!” Jungkook heard Jimin shout. Jungkook broke eye contact with Ji Su to glare at Jimin.
“How about you guys spot staring and making it hard on both of us.” Jungkook grumbled at them. Everyone chuckled and removed their eyes. He felt Ji Su relax a little. This time when he turned to face her, she leaned in and kissed him. Jungkook smirked as he kissed her back tasting those sweet cherries and the smell of coconut. She stopped kissing him when both heard a camera go off.
Jungkook watched her glare at Yoongi who was holding a camera. Yoongi just smiled and walked away. Ji Su grabbed her glass and drink the rest of what was in her glass in one shot. Jungkook sat down next her still holding her hand. He leaned close to her right ear. Ji Su’s pulse was picking up and the redness on her face move down to her neck.
“Thank you, babe. By the way you taste so good that I want to eat you.” He whispered to her and kiss the bite mark that he made on the back of her eat. Ji Su let out a shaky breath and looked at him to see his eyes full of lust.
Ji Su stood up raplidly causing Mi Sun to look at her.
“Hey you ok Ji Su?” Mi Sun asked her full of worry.
“I’m fine I think I am just tired. Im going to head back to our place. You stay here. I’ll be fine.” She told Mi Sun reassuring her before she turned to face Jungkook. “Um it was nice to meet you Jungkook. Welcome home.”
With that she walked away. Jungkook watched her and smirked knowing he was the reason that she left. He wanted to follow her, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to since this was his party.
Yes, it was nice to finally meet you and I am glad to be home. Jungkook thought with that damn smirk never leaving his face.

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