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Group Name: Say Yes
Debuted: July 25th, 2013 - Feel Good
Latest Comeback: April 4th, 2017 - I Miss You
They are from Music Factory Entertainment.
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Members: (5)

Name: Song Ho Kyung
Stage Name: Song Ho Kyung
Born: 1985
Position: Leader, Guitar, Vocalist, Flute
Name: Kim Su Bin
Stage Name: Kim Su Bin
Born: 1986
Position: Vocalist, Keyboard
Name: Ji Sung Kyu
Stage Name: Ji Sung Kyu
Born: 1990
Position: Vocalist, Guitar, Keyboard
Name: Park Si On
Stage Name: Park Si On
Born: 1992
Position: Drum, Saxophone, Bass, Violin, Rapper
Name: Kim Jun Hyung
Stage Name: Kim Jun Hyung
Born: 1994
Position: Drum, Bass, Jembe, Rapper, Maknae

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I just got into this group ! Junhyung and Subin are my biases
I like those two too!
They are a super freakin talented group! I love how they can pretty much switch their roles in the group in each comeback they make :D Seriously awesome!
It's literally amazing!