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Hello Jaywalkers! Its Melissa with AOMG Music Lyrics Monday. I'll be sharing some of my favorite AOMG songs on Mondays. I'll be starting with one of my favorite Jay Park song.
Jay Park 'Aquaman'
Album: Everything You Wanted
Produced by: Cha Cha Malone
Genre: R&B/Soul
Language: English
Released: 2016-09-02
music video
lyric video
music video reaction
(I had to add this because I love JRE)

Well I hope you enjoyed this week's Music Lyrics Monday. What is your favorite AOMG song?

❀BO$$ Squad:

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@BabydollBre What did I do? πŸ˜†
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@BabydollBre Oops!
9 months ago
You had to add JRE to the mix πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
9 months agoΒ·Reply
@QueenPandaBunny Of course! πŸ˜‚
9 months agoΒ·Reply
@QueenPandaBunny You know he body rollin to this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
9 months agoΒ·Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no words needed
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