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Kim Woo Bin's character Choi Young Do in the drama "The Heirs" may be a witty bully who'd rather use his smarts to harass people, but the actor proves that he is different from his on-screen image. On October 28, casual brand "Buckaroo" released photos of Kim Woo Bin entitled "One Week", showing the realistic expressions of a person as the days of the week pass, wearing the Arctic Down Jumper which he was promoting. The week calendar starts on a Monday, which shows Kim Woo Bin looking disappointed that the week is already starting. His Monday expression looks exasperated, while his Tuesday expression looks tired and sleepy. On Wednesday, he looks a bit tired and annoyed that the week is going slow, but on Thursday, he is seen looking excited like a little boy. He has a laugh-out-loud expression on Friday, excited that the week is finally coming to a close, and an adorable and cute expression on Saturday, when people usually party and enjoy the end of the week. However, he looks slightly upset that the week is starting again, as seen in his Sunday expression. Fans and viewers note that Kim Woo Bin's spectrum of expressions showed how flexible he is as an actor, and how happy-go-lucky he is as a person. Catch Kim Woo Bin on "The Heirs" every Wednesdays and Thursdays, and his movie "Friends 2" on November 14.
oppa is shweet I love UUUU
oh thanks Kim woo bin u express my feelings during the week