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SBS drama 'Heirs' (a play Kim Eun Suk, directing the river Shin Hyo) of the Choi Jin Hyuk - Im Joo Eun - Kang Ha Neul - Park Shin Hye - Lee Min Ho - Kim Woo Bin and another love triangle will form a line is called ssolrigo expectations. Choi Jin Hyuk - Im Joo Eun - Kang Ha Neul to broadcast the coming 31 days 'heirs' active sampajeon romance unfolds in eight times. 29 days taking photo released by producers before the play Hyun Joo (Im Joo Eun minutes) in front of the house waiting Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk minutes) finds the other out of the car, Hyun Ju and glancing eyes facing the state, the tutor batdeon Hyun Joo Lee Hyo Sin (Kang Ha Neul minutes) seemed to kiss Hyun Joo close your eyes close to his face filled with curiosity to bring heightened state makes. In the last broadcast sick in bed I won it in directly to the current share price does boil die, the hyosin hyosin the current price of the home, the mother went for tutoring (Seo Yi Suk minutes) hyosin receive a reprimand because of the attire sneak up listening to Hyun Joo focused attention to put the scene. Imperial Group President pumped down force to the charisma that only yeoryeo Hyun Joo & Kim Won in front of the infinite and the secret crush on his tutor and student leaders Hyo Sin empire of the mind to get Hyun Joo 'jwachungwoodol engaging romantic' notice, and spiral is Shem . Choi Jin Hyuk - Im Joo Eun - Kang Ha Neul 'love line sampajeon' last 18 days, respectively, in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do tanhyeon located in the outdoor filming and was taken from a drama production center. Suddenly, they encountered the play in front of his home circle, facing the appearance of Hyun Joo, Hyun Jo & Hyo Sin to tutoring in the house of the rising and Hyo Sin the scene of the shooting led Chemie. Choi Jin Hyuk & Im Joo Eun with a split tender conversation, but when you return the camera also turns into aeteuthan eyes, staring at imjueun was a romantic figure. Strong showing in the sky, while the movie is actually dependable, unlike one aspect of the two-year-old sister imjueun spacing radiating charm and a cute pink mood has raised. Loves a woman, but does not readily express sad-looking 'Group heirs' Kim Won choejinhyeok station, and he does not even like to confess that 'honor Heirs' Lee Hyo Sin station rolled steel in the field of the Kang Ha Neul stiff tension induce breast was. The imjueun geureong reveal the nature of the pure and tender tears, tried to endure the distance, to complete the look of deep Hyun Joo received rave reviews. Gam Jeong Seon cross freely with differing emotional acting unreeling crew of three people look "is expected to romance the three colors," he collected mouth. Publisher Hwa & Dam Pictures official "Choi Jin Hyuk & Kang Ha Neuk surrounding the Im Joo Eun express subtle emotions that the scene was immersive" and 'Heirs' to lead another three who love the look of lines and dont expect more," he said. The 'Heirs' of the coming 30 days will be broadcast by 22:00 7 times. [Photo courtesy = Hwa & Dam Pictures] (SBS integrated online Kang Seo Nae News reporter)..