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Rooftop Prince creates a sensation in Asia

Thanks to Park Yoo Chun’s high popularity, SBS’s series Rooftop Prince is receiving a lot of attention from Asian fans. On June 11, C-JeS Entertainment said even though the series hasn’t started airing in China yet, one of the biggest Chinese portal site created the fan community for the series and it has over 59,000 members. Fan community for Park from the portal site also has over 80,000 members. They proved that Park is very popular in China by holding birthday events for Park on June 4 in 4 major cities, including, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chungching. Videos of the series in one of the biggest Chinese video site received over 77 million hits and 9.4 average points. Those video also received over 110,000 comments and ranked first among other Korean TV dramas. Since the dramas, which ranked second and third, has aired in China over a year ago, the series is receiving overwhelming attention. A spokesperson for the series says, “We are so surprised because the series hasn’t aired in China yet. The staff members and actors have worked in great harmony and Park portrayed Lee Gak and Yong Tae Yong in perfect performances. I think this is why the series is receiving favorable reviews.” When the series aired on Taiwanese GTV, it received 1.46 percent of the audience rating, which is the highest score among Korean TV dramas after 2011. The series will also air in Japan in July. Source: STARNEWS
we want part b2
not only in asia... RTP conquers the world.
so addicting..
it's very funny too. i'm glad it receives the recognition it deserves
Rooftop Prince is a great drama and I love watching the hilarious part when the three guys went out to work. I cried when Lee Gak left Park Ha at their wedding. Park Yoochun sings,acts and his gorgeous looks sum it all up..He is sensational!
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