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due to language, and sensual content
Reader & Jay Park

When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...
Chap 11 |...

I woke up snuggling up to an all black blanket, that smell just like Jay. My eyes shot open, when I realize I was actually in Jay's bed. I looked around the room, while noticing that Jay was no where to be found. Yet I was still in his bed, laying naked. I felt my heart sinking as I held the blankets close to my body.

When I manage to find my close, I heard a voice near the bedroom door. "The security camera show he was forcing her? If you seriously going to take his side over hers, I swear I'll end all business with CJ E&M and go to Sidus HQ." I walked over to open the door, instead of getting dress. Jay and I just blinked at each other, as it seem he was getting ready to enter the room.

He smiled warmly, whilst his index finger found its place under my cheek. He brush his lips against mine, before petting my head. "Yeah, you do that." He hung up the phone, before his arms snake around my waist. "Mianhae, your boss called me to ask why I got involved in a company issue."

I sighed heavily, and rest my forehead on his shoulder. "I seriously am just done with that company. I'm going to hand in my resignation." Jay kissed the top of my head, as he rubbed my back. "Well how about letting me make your day better?"

I looked up at him, as I saw his eyes darken. "Jay.... Are you horny?" He chuckled softly before picking me up by my ass. Making me straddle his hips, whilst my arms wrap around his neck.

"Yah! Jay! At least ask me if I'm up for another round."

Jay softly laughed, as he carried me to the bed. Resulting in the blanket falling off my naked body. "Yet you let me pick you up." I pouted, and he sat down on the bed. "Not my fault you're strong." Jay grinned while fixing my hair, and tucking it behind my ear. "Not my fault you're beautiful inside and out."

It was my turn to giggle as he stole a kiss from my lips. "You going to keep distracting me with the idea of sex, Aquaman? Or you going to tell me the real reason why my former-boss was talking to you." Jay looked as if he wanted to laugh but was conflicted about how to answer.

"I was actually reporting my side of the incident to a high up executive, and he said the board was siding with that man. Since I am one of their huge contracts they have, I threaten to go somewhere else.Which had a effect I was hoping for, because he said he would get them to review the CCTV and police report again with the board."

I couldn't help but smile, as I learn how far he was willing to go, to make sure I got justice. I play with his hair a bit, before pecking the tip of his nose. Jay just bit his lower lip, to hid his smile. "Jay, you do so much for me. I'm sorry for realizing this so late." He seem confused by my words.

"You did your best to make sure no one knew we had something on between us. Except you fail with Simon because he noticed." Jay chuckled, and lean back on his arms a bit. My arms crossed my chest to cover up my breast. "I didn't fail, though. I told Simon I was falling in love with you."

I just blinked as I looked at him. I didn't know how to react or what to say the moment he said he was in love with me. He sat up, and his hand gently touched my face. "Yah, what's wrong? You look like you want to cry."

I didn't noticed it either, until the tears started blurring my vision a bit. "Sorry, its just ... do you really like me that much?" His other hand, ran up along my waist. "Ne, Y/N, I am in love with you too. Insanely in love with you."

My tears won as they started spilling over and rolling down. Jay's thumbs wipe them away as he pulled me in closer to lock lips. my arms went around his neck, as he rolled us over, so I was laying on the bed. Jay tower over me, between my legs, whilst his tongue glided along my lips. There was no way I was going to say no to him.

Jay had become the man I loved, and it was hard to fight my desire to have him in my arms. He stood up for a moment, to take off his shirt. Revealing all of his amazing ink. He came back down, to rest his hands on each side of me. I touched his face, and licked his lips.

He chuckled softly, before firmly grabbing my thigh to pull me down. Making out hips meet, as I could see his eyes darken again. "Y/N, please tell me you'll be mine." I felt a hick catch my voice, when I went to answer him. I was searching his eyes to make sure he wasn't playing me. All I could find was lust, passion, and him pleading I give in.

"You have my heart, but only for today I will be your's. Tomorrow I need to get my life back together."

Jay gave a soft smile and nodded his head."Understandable... I'll wait for you to say yes then. As for work... why not just come back to AOMG. Work for us personally instead of through another company."

I looked away as I though about the offer. "I have to refuse that business offer. I think I know what I wanna do for work. Just want to relax and be with the man I love for today."

I heard something mental clicking again another melt at our waist. "Man you love? Will I ever get to heard you say the four letter word? In Korean its only three." I giggled, whilst gliding my hand down his chest. "Please love me, Jay?" He laughed at my twist to his request, before we ended up going for another lustful round.

Yesterday was magical to me, since half the day we were making love. When we weren't we cooked together, or walked his dogs, visit DubArt, and he even gave me my very own AOMG sweater. I wore it today, as I visited CJ E&M, since there was no point in dressing up for a place I no longer plan to work.

I walked into the building and made my way up to the executive's board room office. They all looked at me as I noticed they were watching the video. I just shook my head, especially after noticing the man was sitting among them, and seem to still have his job. I threw a folded paper on the table and flip them all off. "I had never been more sure about anything in my life."

They looked at me offended as glared at Mr. Sin. "You are a sick man that shouldn't still have his job. You are officially the first person I will ever wish the worse for... If you have all noticed... I quit. Kiss my fucking ass Ssaeki.(Mother fucker)"

I turn and left the building when the cops walked pass me for the office. "Mr. Sin you are under arrest, for the rape of ..." I grinned as karma reveal its beautiful mug to that man.

Now it was try to talk my new ...

Question was...


Should I really take Jay's offer?



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