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Today we look at the beautiful SooHo aka Minho in his last drama 화랑!

He was just wonderful
and he got angry some
And by far the best bromance
butttt his real love line..

is still good

You can watch the series on DramaFever here

and an added bonus

(not real subs obviously)

So did you watch the show? Do you love SooHo as much as I do??

omg! I am watching it
Honestly I liked him in this better than in "Too the Beautiful You". I had major SLS in that show so I wasn't going for Minho's character at all.
Haha I'm just obsessed with his cocky man whore character because its so different from normal him XD
I want to watch him in First Time. He looks so hot!!!!!!!!!!! That bastard! Why must he wreck my bias!
It's a good one too! watching him grow as an actor makes me happy