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Ah Its been a crazy week, well last week but Yey starting this week out with a new chapter! Plus its starts with Jimin's POV and changes over to Grace's so its pretty long today!
Oh and there is foul language, warning!

Chapter 7 Jimin’s point of view I couldn't believe what just happened. I walked back home feeling a chill down my back.  How could everything go so wrong. I just wanted to woo her, show her I loved her, instead I made it even worse. My heart hurt and that last fuck was more than needed. I had been fueled by my anger at her. But fuck she screwed me up. I walked into the dorm slamming the door behind me. The guys on the couch stopped what they were doing and stared at me but I just walked past them and to my room. Inside my room I sat on my bed my head fell into my hands. I just fucked up my friendship with her and had my heart broken. This whole arrangement was a mistake, I should have never done this. The door opened and closed. “I thought you would be out on a date right now” Namjoon said. “No, and  never going to see that woman again” I spat. “Uh oh something bad happened” Namjoon said. I looked up to see h leaning against the door looking at me. “What happened?” He asked. Taking a deep breath I told him. From the point of finding out I was just being used by her and on, telling him how I fucked her and told her it was over and left. Namjoon processed the whole thing calmly and than nodded. “So that's it? Never going to see her again and just move on?” He asked. “Yes. I'll never see her again. She fucked with the wrong person” I said. “Well shit brother, that is so screwed up” Namjoon cursed. “I told you that you should never do that friends with benefits, that was gonna end badly” Namjoon said. “You never said that” I huffed. “Hmm might have just always thought that, thought I said it once though” Namjoon said thoughtfully. “Well move on, get over her. Its not like its been going on long” Namjoon shrugged. “I fucking love her!” I burst out in anguish. “Well sucks for you” he said. “Get the fuck out! I don't need your shit too Namjoon” I cursed him. “Fine” he said and left leaving me alone in my room. I spent the night curled up in a ball on my bed. I regretted everything that happened. My chest felt like it was going to explode. Well she better be feeling the same, heh she's not, I was just a toy to her I thought to myself before I fell asleep. I dreamed of her, of waking up next to her and seeing her smiling face. I dreamed I took her on an amazing date taking her on a picnic, Grace in a pink sundress and laughing as we talked. It was a nice dream, until I woke up. The next couple days I didn't talk to the guys, I kept to myself and my work, immersing myself in my dancing and writing. It was Friday when I got the call late at night. 6 days, 6 days of not seeing her but than her name crossed my cellphone screen. My heart lept, than plummeted. I debated for several beats if I should answer. I did. *************** Grace point of view I missed Jimin. I missed just being around him. I didn't know this feeling but with how things ended. . . after he left and I cried I had found my house key sitting on the counter and a whole new set of tears rushed out. I didn't just loose sex, I lost my best friend, my only true friend. I fucked up by pushing him away. I wasn't ready for commitment to someone else, but not having him here hurt more. The rest of the week was shit. I didn't leave my apartment, I didn't see anyone outside of work related but most of that was just grabbing papers and turning papers in. I was a shell of myself and I didn't know what to do, how to act. This was worse than the first time he had left my life, now he had taken my heart and didn't even know it. I didn't even know it until it was too late. 6 days, 5 nights. I dreamed of him every night. It wasn't about sex, but about doing things with him, talking to him. The last dream I had was a nightmare. He had died. I woke up crying out. I couldn't do another night. I went out to drink. I threw on a pair of jeans and black shirt and went to my favorite bar. When I walked in I couldn't help but laugh. This was how it all started a month ago. After leaving he had propositioned the arrangement, sleeping together. I think we both broke the golden rule, not to fall for each other. We did, we had. I was just to chicken to admit it and cover it up. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. “Long time no see” the bartender said with a smile. “Yes long time” I nodded. “You look like crap” he commented. “Thanks, I feel like it” I huffed. “Need an ear?” He asked. I stared at my drink. “Maybe after a few of these” I said. 3 strong cocktails and a liquid shot of courage and my mouth blabbed. The bartender, Ugi, maybe, I didn't remember his name, listened to it all. When I was finished I was wiping tears away as I laughed. I laughed at myself for what a stupid bitch I was. “Your not stupid Grace, your just afraid” Ugi said. “Afraid?” I questioned with a laugh. “I'm a fuckng chicken and I lost my best friend” I stated. “Yea, well when you mix sex with friends it never ends well” he declared. “If only I knew that before all this” I said. “Yea, well learn from your mistakes” he said. “Ugi, I learned a shit load from this. Never again will I have sex” I said “That's not the lesson here” he said. “The lesson is don't push people away when they are trying to tell you something” he said. “Well that and don't mix  sex with friends” he added. “But I think the first applies better to you” he shrugged. “No its more of don't run from fear” I said thinking about it. “But I didn't run, he did. He fucked me spat angry words at me and didn't hear me out before he left” I sighed. I downed the last of my drink. “Yes, he ran” he rolled his eyes at me. “I saw that” I pointed at him as my lids felt heavy and they closed. “Maybe I didn't I don't know. I'm tired now” I said all of a sudden putting my head on the bar. “Okay I think your done for the night” Bartender declared. “Yes, I am. I'm done” I agreed. “I'm gonna be content that my heart no longer lies with me, hell if it was it would be smashed to pieces in my chest with the hammer in my hands” I sighed “at least with him I can't touch it, I can't feel anymore. Ugi, I'm done feeling anything” I said. “Grace your sprouting nonsense” the bartender said. “Here give me your phone I'm calling someone to be with you. I don't want you by yourself” he said holding out his hands. His words stuck in my head. I didn't want to be alone either. I handed him my phone. “Can you call tad?” I asked. “Tad? I thought his name was Jimin?” The bartender gave me a questionable look. “Yes, but he won't come” I declared. He gave me a look but called him anyway. There was a long pause before someone answered, Ugi explained that I was drunk and couldn't leave without someone to pick me up.   When he was done he handed the phone back to me. “He's coming. Rest your eyes Grace before they roll around and you get sick” he suggested. I took his suggestion and closed my eyes. I don't know how long I was out but I was being shaken awake. “Your friend is here” Ugi said to me. I sat up and looked around. I didn't spot Tad anywhere. I was about to ignore it when I saw Jimin walking towards me, an adorable pout on his face. I giggled. “Now i'm seeing things” I said just as I went back to setting my head on my crossed arms to close my eyes again. “Probably not”,Ugi said catching me off guard. “Gracie, your drunk” Jimin’s voice floated through my brain. “Hmm yea I am. Its nice” I said. “Gracie what the hell are you doing getting drunk! What the fuck is the matter with you, someone could take advantage of you” Jimin sounded angry. “Doesn't matter anymore, besides Ugi here is taking care of me” I said. “She's right I am and now she's in your hands” the bartender said and winked at her “don't fuck with her again though she's already messed up from last time” he added. “What the hell is that about?” Jimin questioned confused. “Hmm he's talking about how screwed up my emotions were last time we fucked” yup I was totally drunk. No sensor. “How I'm just your plaything” he said under his breath which made me laugh. “Hmm no. How afraid I was of giving you my heart” I sighed. I was falling back asleep. Gah I was a sleepy drunk. “what?” He breathed out. “Sad thing I shattered it, and yours too” my eyes were closed and I was content falling back asleep. I was startled when I was yanked out of my sleep and Jimin was shaking me. “Ugh. That's not good, I'm going to be sick” I exclaimed and the shaking stopped. “Your fucking with me” Jimin grumbled as he pulled me out if my seat. “I'm taking her home” Jimin shouted to the bartender who saluted him and went about his business. Jimin didn't say a word as he drove me to my apartment, brought me inside and put me in bed, alone.


Woohoo! lol sorry I so like this chapter. Now I going to give you fair warning, one more chapter left! . . . . okay there might be an epilogue too.
my question to you all is would you like it to end with smut? Or no? I've been debating on it.

A smut ending in my opinion wouldn't be the best for them, especially after the argument about sex
Omg I cried a little😢💕
How about it starts with a talk, smut in the middle and sweet to end. And even more sweet for the epilogue. 👍👍👍👍
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@FromBlue2U oh that's a good idea, thank you! 😊😊