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Elo Easter Bunnies

Monday already?...o.o....damn

well that week flew by fast. haha xD

well this card Imma share a song that speaks volumes to me. Heck the girls don't even know when we talk I am forever playing this track in my head.

Jay Park - My. from WorldWide Album

내가 루져 돼버리면 나를 죽여 naega lujeo doebeolimyeon naleul jug-yeo If I become a loser, kill me 먹고 살기 힘든데 meoggo salgi himdeunde It's hard to eat and make a living 난 내 자신을 굶겨 nan nae jasin-eul gulmgyeo Yet I starve myself 난 항상 배고파 boy boy boy nan hangsang baegopa boy boy boy I'm always hungry boy boy boy I’m a eat yo food up I’m a eat yo food up I’m a eat yo food up 세상은 차가운 곳이야 sesang-eun chagaun gos-iya The world's a cold place 더 늦기 전에 눈떠 deo neujgi jeon-e nuntteo Before it's too late, open your eyes 내 랩을 들어보면 nae laeb-eul deul-eobomyeon If you listen to my rap , 넌 물담배처럼 훅 가 neon muldambaecheoleom hug ga like a hookah you'll get high 넌 알바생 neon albasaeng You're a part-timer me I’ve been doin’ this sh*t full time me I’ve been doin’ this sh*t full time me I’ve been doin’ this sh*t full time 난 이 힙합 sh*t을 숨쉬어 nan i hibhab sh*teul sumswieo I breathe this hip hop shit 너무 잘나가서 품절 neomu jalnagaseo pumjeol I sell so well that I 'm sold out 난 영원히 성공을 하지 nan yeong-wonhi seong-gong-eul haji I succeed forever 옆에서 구경해 yeop-eseo gugyeonghae Watch me from the sidelines 정상은 아니지 jeongsang-eun aniji I'm not in my right mind 내가 머무르는 곳은 정상 위 naega meomuleuneun gos-eun jeongsang wi Where I'm at is above pack leader 걔넨 점점점 눈이 감기지 gyaenen jeomjeomjeom nun-i gamgiji Their eyes close more and more they to blind to see they to blind to see they to blind to see there’s no honesty That's what I'm saying they be talking’ sh*t while I talk that sh*t f*ck you to the hater’s I"m like Tupac, It's fine You can't see my vision and talk shit
In the end
I'll change this world AMEN No one extended their hands to me But take a look at my life
the hater’s i made ’em all shut the f*ck up middle’s in the sky it’s just me my crew my team my squad my fan’s my fam and God and God

The chorus forever makes me think of my girls. Cause they are my team, my crew, my squad, and my fam ^^

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My Bunnies:
Awe!! I feel the same way too 😊
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This song means a lot to me... I'm the exact same way.
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i feel u
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