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Ji Su woke up the next day before the sun was up. She needed to go for a run to clear her mind. The past few days have been eventful and was causing her to lose sleep. She knew that if she went on a run she would be fine. Well that is what she thought when Ji Su walked out to see Jungkook walking out at the same time. She held her breath at the sight of him wearing a gray muscle shirt and black shorts. He had a white running jacket in his left hand and his hair was a mess, but in a sexy way.
Gods be damned I really need to go for a run. Ji Su thought and walked to the lift in hopes he didn’t see her. Then she realized that he would have since their doors were right in front of the other. Grabbing her phone, she found the playlist that she always would listen when she workout. Standing and waiting for the lift, Ji Su felt him standing next to her.
“Good Moring Ji Su.” He spoke making her jump a little. His voice was like velvet sending shivers down her spin. Gripping her phone, she just nodded to him without saying a word. “What not ‘good morning Jungkook’?” He asked her when the doors of the lift opened. Ji Su walked in realizing she would be in this small space with him until they reached the main floor.
“Good Morning Jungkook, how did you sleep?” She asked irritated and frustrated.
“I slept well. Dreamt of a woman who smelt like coconuts and tasted like cherries.” Jungkook moved closer to her as he spoke. Ji Su blushed and mentally yelled at herself for blushing like a school girl. She pushed play on her playlist and blocked him out by putting her earbuds in. Thinking she would have some piece of mind forgetting he was right next to her. Jungkook however, removed the left earbud to see what she was listening to.
Ji Su looked up at him with their faces less than an inch away. Ji Su licked her dry lips and then bit her bottom lip. He smirked seeing that what he was doing was making her think of him and what her could do to make her feel good. Ji Su took a step back hitting the wall behind her forgetting that she was in a small space with him. Her heart began to rapidly beat when he was towering over her. She let out a shake breath when he leaned in further. Part of Ji Su wanted to have him kiss her and make her feel things that no guy has have made her feel. The other part didn’t want him too.
He leaned in closer, but stopped when the lift dinged singling that someone was going to board with them. Jungkook stood next to her when a middle age man and woman entered. Ji Su was trying to calm her heart before it jumped out of her chest. Jungkook took her left hand and was rubbing her knuckles. She looked up at him to see him looking ahead without glancing at her. When the lift arrived on the main floor, the middle age couple walked out before Ji Su and Jungkook.
He let go of her hand when they reached the park that was behind the apartment complex. Without waiting, Ji Su began to run and left her worries in the wind. Ji Su did a lot of thinking when she was worrying about something or just needed to think. The one thing that was on her mind was that she wasn’t acting like she was just dumped. No, she was acting like a school girl lusting over a young man with a bunny smile who had the hands of a god.
Why is it that when I think about that one night and him I feel like a damn dog in heat needing more? taking a deep breath she glanced behind her to see where he was at. She smiled to herself when she didn’t find him. When she turned back around her smile disappeared when he was right next to her.
“You got to be fucking kidding me.” Ji Su said under her breath.
“About what?” Jungkook asked smirking to himself.
“Nothing.” She said and picked up her pace trying to create distance between them. Sadly, he caught up with her to point she was about to rise the white flag.
“Why are you running with me?” She asked out of the blue. “Because I want to.” Ji Su stopped and looked at him. He stopped a few feet away and looked back at her. She was breathing hard from running but her heart on the other hand while looking at him didn’t help. Ji Su started to walk away in hopes that he would just continue to run without her.
“Are you ok?” Jungkook asked her walking backwards to face her.
“I’m fine. You can go and run you don’t need to worry about me.” She waved her left hand in way telling him to leave. When he didn’t she stopped to look at him. Jungkook stopped and walked up to her thinking something was wrong.
“Ji Su what’s wrong?” he asked putting his hands on her hip. She put her hands on his forearms trying to remove them. She gave up and left her hands on him without looking at her.
“Nothing is wrong.” She told him still looking away.
“There is something wrong. If there isn’t anything wrong then look at me and tell me.” Ji Su closed her eyes before turning to face him.
I want to tell him that since that night I haven’t stop thinking about him. That I want to feel him again without being attached. She thought to herself. She thought to herself.
“I’m fine trust me. Just a lot has happened these past two days. I just need to run and clear my mind.” She told him instead of what she thought. He stared at her and without realizing it he started to draw circles with his thumbs. She closed her eyes biting her lip. She was trying to hold back a moan that was building up.
“Jungkook please…” she wanted to say keep going but she also wanted to tell him to stop. However, what he was doing to her, she could not bring herself to say anything.
“You feel tense Ji Su.” He whispered to her. She griped his forearms where her nails poked his skin.
“Jungkook please…” She pleaded with him without finishing on what she wanted to say. “Please what?” He asked pulling her closer to him.
“If you keep doing what you are doing others will see.” She told him.
“But what if I don’t care and don’t want to stop?” He whispered in her right ear and started to nibble on her earlobe. Ji Su let out a small moan and felt him smirk. His hands moved touching skin under her shirt.
“Dammit.” Ji Su said under her breath and pushed him gently away. He gave her a questioning look before she dragged him to where they were out of sight to wondering eyes. She stopped thinking they were deep enough in the tree line for no one to see. She turned around to face him right when he leaned in and kissed her. She didn’t taste like cherries, but tasted like mint. The smell of coconut hit him hard. He picked her up and carried her to a nearby tree. Ji Su broke the kiss breathing heavily looking at him. His doe like eyes were a smoke color. He was aroused.
"Last night when you walked out. Do you how bad I wanted to follow you?” He told her in between breaths. He put her down only to be pushed down with her sitting on top of him.
“I dreamt that you did.” She told him looked down at him. He smirked and groaned when she started to move against him. She could feel how aroused he was which made her want more. “What happened in this dream?” He asked placing his hands back on her hips. She moaned as she felt his member twitch underneath her.
"You came into my room and kissed my neck from behind before removing my sweatshirt and t-shirt. You played with my breast before moving one hand to unbutton the tops of my jeans. You hand slide in feeling how wet I was for you.” Ji Su moaned as she spoke and started to dry hump him in a fast but slow pace.
“What else?” his voice husky making her shudder.
“You bent me over and took my jeans off. Without warning you began to fuck me from behind.” When she said that he switched positions and had her on all fours pulling her shorts down.
“Like this?” He bent down and whispered in her left ear right when he put his member in her core.
“Yes.” She moaned digging her nails into the dirt beneath her. He didn’t go slow as he was about to come. As he picked up the pace she could feel her orgasm building. Before she knew it was like she went into another world when her orgasm hit her when Jungkook thrusted one last time before they came together. Jungkook put his short back on before helping Ji Su put hers back on and falling back to sit.
They sat there breathing heavily looking at each other. Jungkook smirk at her standing up holding out his hand to help her. Ji Su took his hand and stood up brushing of the dirt that was on her knees and hands. Jungkook looked at her and noticed the was a leaf in her hair. “Can I ask you something?” Jungkook asked his breathing back to normal. Ji Su nodded looking at him. “I know that you are not looking for anyone to be attached to and I’m not looking either. What I’m trying to say is that when we have the need to do what we just did we do that without any attachment.”
Ji Su looked at him trying to process what he was saying. She walked up to him leaning her head back to look up at him. He smirked thinking how short she was.
“So, we have sex when we feel the need for it with no attachment?” She asked trying to make sure that is what he said. He nodded afraid she was going to say no. He was hoping she wouldn’t. If she did he would in front a computer to help his needs.
Ji Su stood on her tip toes and kissed his chin missing his lips. She giggled and tried again with his help.
“Is that a yes?” he asked. She gave him a smile and he kissed her sweet and gentle with both his hands holding her face. He broke the kiss and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and he wanted to know what she was thinking.
“I should go I need to get ready for work.” Ji Su told him. He put his hands down and watched her walk away.
Ji Su ran once she was out the tree line and back to the apartment. She didn’t know why she ran after agreeing to being Jungkook’s sex partner. Yes, she was happy, but she hoped that he wouldn’t ask her every minute of every hour within a day. Walking through the door she closed it and leaned against it. She would have to talk to him to come up with some type of agreement.
“Good Morning Ji Su! How was your run?” Mi Sun asked seeing her standing at the door.
“It was great I was able to clear my head.” I didn’t clear my head at all and just had sex with Jungkook who is your boyfriends younger brother even though they are not related. That what she wanted to say, but she wasn't ready to tell Mi Sun. Taking off her shoes there was a knock on the door. Before Mi Sun asked if Ji Su could get that, Ji Su was already at the door looking at Jungkook.
“Here you left this.” He handed her phone. She put her hand on it but Jungkook wasn’t going to let her have it for free. She raised her left eyebrow at him. “Give me a kiss and I’ll let you have it.” Ji Su glared at him and then looked to make sure no one was around. She got up on her tip toes and gave him a quick kiss. He still didn’t let go.
“Dammit Jungkook what else do you want?” She asked quietly so Mi Sun didn’t hear.
“You could invite me in to have a glass of water.” He smirked at her and she started to believe that was an evil bunny smirk. She moved aside to let him in and before he did anything else Mi Sun walk in.
“Oh, Jungkookie want brings you here?” She asked putting in an earring.
“Oh, I wanted to give Ji Su her phone back. I saw her jogging when her phone fell out. She was so thankful that she was going to offer me some water.” He told her still holding Ji Su’s phone captive.
“How sweet. I would stay long but I need to go and open shop. Ji Su I’ll see you there after you shower?” Mi Sun asked walking to the couch to get her purse and walking past in between the two.
“I’ll be there in twenty minutes. I’ll be working on new designs today.” She told Mi Sun ignoring Jungkook who was snaking his right arm behind her.
“Alright sounds good. I would hug you but you’re dirty, and I don’t want to change.” With that said Mi Sun walked out. Jungkook and Ji Su stood in silence hearing Mi Sun cheery voice when she saw Jin. They heard Jin asked if she had seen Jungkook and Mi Sun told him that he was out on a run.
Why did she just lie about where Jungkook was at? Wait does she know? Ji Su was confused and trying to think, but Jungkook was distracting her.
“Let’s go and take a shower.” He told her taking no for an answer. He lifted her over his shoulder making her giggle and giving up on trying to fight him.
“I hope you know that I have to be at my store in twenty minutes.” She told him when he put her down to turn on the water.
“I know.” Was all he said taking off his shirt. Ji Su’s breath was caught in her throat seeing his muscles. She knew it wasn’t the first time but she was still amazed. Before she knew what she was doing, she placed her hands on his chest.
“Ji Su if you do that you won’t make it in time for work.” He told her closing his eyes.
“I’m sure I’ll still be able to make it.” She told him. He towered over her again and helped her take her shirt off and then her shorts. Ji Su stepped in the shower with Jungkook right behind her. He started to wash her hair massaging her head. She closed her eyes feeling relaxed. He leaned his head down so she could wash his hair. He groaned and muttered that he was going to make her late.
This made her laugh when she was rinsing the soap out of his hair. When it came to washing each other’s bodies, Ji Su started to think of an excuse on why she was late. Jungkook put soap in his palm and started to massage her shoulders, back, arms, and working his way to her legs.
“Like I told you before, you are tense. That might be way you haven’t been sleeping at night.” Jungkook told her. Ji Su turned to face him wanting to ask him on how he could tell that she wasn’t sleeping? But she answered the question herself when she noticed a few days ago before she met him she had dark circles under her eyes. His hands gently massage her body making her moan when he touched her breast. He smirked liking how he was making her feel good. As much as he wanted to take her right then and there, he was not wanting to deal with why she was late. When he rinsed the soap off her body it was her turn to do the same to him. She started where she could reach and worked her way down. Her touch was causing him to become aroused. He tried to hold it back, but that didn’t happen. Ji Su’s hands touch his member and rubbed it, moving her hands up and down. He bent his head back liking the feeling of her hands.
“Babe you keep doing that, I’m going to take you right here in this shower.” He muttered to her.
“Then take me against the wall.” She told and without hesitation from him, Jungkook picked her up and started to thrust deeply in her. Ji Su screamed in pleasure wrapping her arms around his neck. The both locked eyes as he went in faster. She closed her eyes feeling her orgasm come faster than it did earlier. Before she could tell him to go faster she came and he followed.
“Why am I always out of breath after we fuck?” Ji Su asked placing her forehead against his. “Because I’m that good.”
“Are you being cocky and bragging?” she asked him when he turned the water off still holding her against the shower wall. He looked at her and smirked before kissing her. He told to get ready for work before he did anything else. Ji Su grabbed a towel and handed him one before walking out. She went to her room and changed in a suit jacket with black and white striped shirt and black straight jeans. Running a blow dryer through her hair she didn’t do much once it was dried. Putting on earrings and a necklace she looked in her mirror before grabbing blacked heal boots.
Ji Su walked out to see Jungkook back in his running clothes. She walked over to him with her hand out. He looked at her with a questioning look.
“My phone.”
“Ah yea.” He reached into his pocket and handed her phone. “You looked good enough to eat.” He told her looking her up and down.
“No, we have done it twice this morning.” She put her hands up as he walked closer.
“What can I say you’re the one that makes me a horny teenager.” With that said he pecked her on the lips before walking out.
I guess that makes both of us. Ji Su thought to his comment about being a horny teenager. Ji Su waited a few minutes before she walked out. Looking at her phone she had about five minutes before she had to be to work. Wasting no time, she took the lift and into her car. She called Mi Sun that she hit traffic and would be in as soon as she could. Even though Ji Su was Mi Sun’s boss, there were times where she felt it was the other way around.
When she arrived, she walked in saying good morning to her employees before walking into her small office in the back. Mi Sun was on her computer typing away, but stopped when she saw Ji Su walk in.
“What did Jungkook want?” Mi Sun asked not giving Ji Su time to sit.
“He was just returning my phone and I gave him some water to say thank you.” Ji Su told Mi Sun.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah why do you ask?”
“Honey he is a man and you are a woman who just got out of a relationship.”
“What are you trying to get at?”
“You’re not acting like you just got dumped. Your acting like your normal self and I think it must deal with that guy you slept with two days ago.” You have no idea Mi Sun. Ji Su thought to herself while opening her email. “Well?” Mi Sun was waiting for answer.
“Maybe I don’t know. I’m started to think that I wasn’t really in love with Jae if I’m acting like this. By the way did you lie to Jin that Jungkook was out on a run?” Ji Su turned the questioning off on her to Mi Sun.
“Um about that...You know how protective he is about those boys. Even though they aren’t related, Jin worries about them like a mother hen. Jungkook is a grown man who can make his decisions and I didn’t want to tell Jin. That’s why I lied. Oh, before I forget I invited Jin and Jungkook over for dinner.” With that said Mi Sun walked back into her office.
“What do you mean that you invited them?” Ji Su shouted a crossed that hall.
“If I want my relationship to last with Jin I need to get all those boys approval. I have everyone’s, but not Jungkook’s.”
“Are you saying that Jin may propose to you?” Ji Su stood up and walked into Mi Sun’s office asking her.
“That is want she is saying Ji Su.” Ji Su turned around to see Jin.
“When did this happen?” Ji Su asked.
“This morning when I took her out for breakfast. Of course, she told me that I need to ask you for your blessing before I really propose to her.” Jin told Ji Su.
“Jin you make her happy and I wouldn’t have it either way for you to be the one to make her happy for the rest of her life.” Ji Su smiled and hugged Jin. Ji Su was happy for them both and went back into her office. When she sat down a new email popped up.
Ji Su I am emailing you to tell you that there are somethings that you left here. If you want I can bring them over to your shop. If not maybe you can tell me where you would like to meet. Just email me back as soon as you can.
Kwon Jae
Ji Su read the email and rubbed her temples trying to think on what to write back to him. She hit reply and told him to meet her at a nearby café.
“Hey Mi Sun I have to meet with someone. I’ll be back in 25-30 mintues.” Ji Su walked out before she heard Mi Sun’s reply. Walking to the café Ji Su tried to not think about how he hurt her. She just thought he was a friend who she hasn’t seen in a while. Taking a deep breath, she entered the café. He was already there sipping his coffee without a care in the world. Walking up to him he choked on his coffee. Ji Su tried to not laugh.
“You came.” He said grabbing a napkin to clean coffee that landed on his $100 dress shirt that he’ll only wear once.
“What did I leave at your place?” She asked not sitting down.
“You look good, glowing in fact.” He looked at her beating around the bush.
“Damnit Jae just give me what I left so I can leave.”
“You left this.” He placed a sketchbook on the table. Ji Su grabbed and was already turning away when he grabbed her.
“Don’t you at least want to talk?”
“Really Jae? You want to talk after you tell me that you didn’t love me anymore. No thanks. Unlike you I care for my shop and employees. I would like to get back to them.” She yanked her arm out of his grasp having no luck.
“I think she asked you to let go.” Ji Su turned when she recognized the voice behind her. Jungkook stood there with Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok. Jae let go and stood up.
“This isn’t over.” He told her before walking out.
She looked at her knights and gave them a smile. She thanked them before she walked out. Jungkook placed his hand on her shoulder double checking that she was ok. Ji Su taped his hand in reassurance before walking out the door.

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