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My name is Wing, I am the mod for Topp Dogg. My bias is Hansol ♡ My birthday is July 5, 2001. I get easily distracted. I am super asocial, but I am working on it! I'm in the city play and am auditioning for the school talent show (I sing). These brackets -> [] make me happy for no reason, I just like using them a lot. I do hair and makeup for elementary school plays and such. I hope to one day be a makeup artist.
I love photography as well. Yes, I took these. They're not great, but I think they're pretty cool!
I also got super bored and sidetracked yesterday and made a lost of my biases. Not a bias list, just a list of my biases in no particular order.
All [BTS]
T.O.P/Seungri [BigBang]
Ilhoon [BToB]
Hansol [Topp Dogg]
Jackson/Yugyeom [Got7]
Aoora [Double A]
Hanbyul [Led Apple]
Ravi [VIXX]
Honggi [FT.Island]
Mino [Winner]
Daeryong [Tasty2Wins]
Jonghyun [SHINee]
JaeHyun/Winwin/Johnny [NCT]
Jerry [M.Pire]
JooHeon/Kihyun/I.M [Monsta X]
Sang [Imfact]
Sun [MAP6]
Bobby/JunHoe [iKon]
Dokyun/Jaeho [History]
Tablo [Epik High]
Zico/Taeil [Block B]
Taehyun [Dickpunks]
Chandong [MBLAQ]
Yongguk/Youngjae [B.A.P]
Jay Park/Loco [AOMG]
Young K [Day6]
Henry/Ryeowook [SUJU]
Ron [Bigflo]
Hwiyoung/Youngbin/RoWoon [SF9]
Hyunseong [A.Cian]
Luizy [UNIQ]
Ace [MASC]
Jaejoong [JYJ]
Ganghan [MVP]
Younghoon [7 O'Clock]
Seoin [APL]
Spax [Blanc7]
Rocky [Astro]
Baron [VAV]
Narachan [Mont]
Ha Rin [M.A.S 0094]
K [Top Secret]
Hwan [Roadboyz]
Rome [C-Clown]
Shin [Cross Gene]
KiZo [Circus Crazy]
Neo [Zetta]
Jay [J2KC]
Kidoh [Rock Bottom]
Minwoo [Trax]
Moon [Royal Pirates]
Jaehyuk [Legend]
Seongho [Beatwin]
Myunghan [High4]
Minkee [N.Sonic]
Sunghak [Bigstar]
Ooon [Halo]
Sungoh [24K]
Sungjun [Boys Republic]
Seungjin [AJax]
Actin [A6P]
Kihwan [Eastone]
Choi [L.A.U]
Hyeongseong [D.I.P]
Hankyun [5NL]
Junyong [D&T]
Heedo [B.I.G]
Yey [Black6ix]
Subin [Say Yes]
Xiweol [Varsity]
Yoon [B.Heart]
Daegun [F.Cuz]
Subin [Viction]
Junyong [INX]
Insoo [Myname]
Kid Monster [Hotshot]
Jonghwan [100%]
Kyle/Milo [Romeo]
Jata [Madtown]
Woosung [Snuper]
Daekwang [Voisper]
Minhyuk [CNBlue]
L/Hoya [Infinite]
Kogyeol/Wooshin/Xiao [Up10tion]
Changdong [Vromance]
Heta/Code [AlphaBAT]
Seulchan/Boun [Target]
Simba/Prince Mac/Eddy [JJCC]
Hyesung [Shinhwa]
Kevin [Z:Ea]
Wooyoung/Taecyeon [2PM]
Sehun/Kai/Xiumin/Chanyeol [EXO]
Hyunjoong [SS501]
Wonwoo [Seventeen]
Yoseob [Highlight]
Jinyoung [B1A4]
Ricky [Teen Top]
Daniel [DMTN]
Jeongmin [Boyfriend]
Jinho [Pentagon]
JoKwon [2AM]
Verbal Jint
San E
If you have any group recommendations, please let me know ♡
I call everyone Love, Babe, Hun, Chika, Chiqutita, and other things so I apologize if thats weird.Thats all I have. Any questions, just ask. I'm always here for all of you. I reply pretty quick on LINE. I'm a good listener.
Let me know if you want to me added or deleted from my tag list ♡




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Nice to meet you :3
I know you'll achieve your dream of becoming a make up artist. Maybe even get to be make up artist to kpop stars 😲
Hello! You are awesome and now part of my Vingle Family! Reason: I love most of your biases, though I don't even know a bunch of those groups. O_o Amazing! Nice to meet you! ^u^
Good luck on the talent show! I'm a singer too and theatre major and one of my friends is an aspiring makeup artist.
Nice to meet you!