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Introducing: Bitto!
Birth Name: Lee Chang Hyun (이창현) Stage Name: Bitto (비토) Nickname: Sticky Rice Cake Birth Date: August 24, 1996 Birth Place: Dongducheon, South Korea Position: Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocal Height: 180 cm Blood Type: O
Bitto facts: • Can play the piano. • Has one older brother. • Went to 'Def Dance School' • His role model is Paloalto. • Motto 'don't regret anything' • Has a habit of biting his lips. • Has a jinx of always having nightmares before a good day. • Eyebrow pencil and insoles are his must have items.
I can't be too sure if any of this is true, hopefully it is. I just found this online. Help me out if you know! Thank you!