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When breakfast is over Jiyong takes Jak by the hand and leads her back over to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Ready to talk?”
She shakes her head, “No”.
He grins and lifts her chin, “Jak. It’s me, it’s not scary.”
She looks at him in shock, “Easy for you to say! You came up with these rules! What if I can’t remember them? What if I do them wrong?”
He tries not to laugh, covering his mouth with his hand; stroking her hair with his other hand. “Do them wrong?”
“Ugh, you know what I mean. See? You have me all freaked out already.” She turns away from him to pout.
“Babe,” he turns her back towards him and cups her face. “Every relationship has rules, written or unspoken. I just don’t want any more misunderstandings between us. Okay?”
“Mmm…” is the only response he gets.
“I’m just gonna start, I know you’ll add whatever comes into your head.”
She looks up at him with a mild dead glare. He rolls his eyes and gets comfortable.
“First, I love you and you love me. Has that changed?”
“Good. That’s the hardest rule, really.”
She looks at him skeptically with an eyebrow raised. He covers her eyes and she sticks her tongue up and licks him. He rubs her saliva back on her, so she licks her finger and rubs it on his face. He keeps trying to grab her hands and missing.
“Jak! Can’t we be serious for 2 minutes?”
“I don’t do serious, you know that, it bugs me! Isn’t that why we love each other?”
He cups her face, “Yes; but just 2 minutes, please”. He leans in and presses a little kiss to her lips, “Please”.

A nod is the only response he gets.
“Okay, you were worried about clothes and me being ashamed of you.” She opens her mouth to speak but he puts his finger over her lips to silence her. “We’ve been over this; I just need to clarify one thing.”
He waits for her nod and continues, “I am not ashamed of you and I'm good with whatever you decide to wear. BUT, I am known as a fashion mongul here and in Paris, so I do need you to occasionally dress up to go out with me places okay? You good with that? I can help pick the outfits?" She nods.
“Alright, this one is more for me. We’ll promise each other to never send the other away. I don’t care how hard my day is, it’s always better when I get to spend time with you.”
Jak turns her misty eyes away but he grabs her chin and turns her face up to his. “I promise no matter how frustrated I am; even if I end up with blue balls.”
He winks at Jak rolls her eyes and hits him. They both fall backwards on the bed laughing. He tries to grab her hands while she’s still hitting him but can’t and tickles her instead.
“STOP! I give, I give!”
He leans up on an elbow and grins down at her, “Good. Oh, and there is just one more thing…”
She moans and pulls a pillow over her head.
A minute later the pillow is yanked from her hands and a face takes its place.
“May I help you?” she asks in a dry tone.
He shifts and his fist takes the place of his face. She sits up on her elbows, with a raised eyebrow.
“You going to hit me?”
He growls. “Okay, okay, that’s a no. So is there something in your hand?” He shrugs and grins. “Is it for me?”
He pushes it closer and she boops it with her tongue while wiggling her eyebrows. Something sparks in his eyes in response but his hand turns over and opens.

Her eyes open wide, then move to his as he closes his fist again and dives in for a kiss.

::insert kakao talk stretching emoji:: let's get it!!
ok that was so sweet! But you drop me off a cliff like That!? rude! lmao!! And I like these rules!
So cute! They are working it out, yay! And now couple rings?! 🎉🎉