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Any of my loyal readers know that Kim JUNSU is my Ultimate bias. I used to have a list like all of you, actually a two laned one until I found him and about a month later he kicked EVERYONE off it and said No, me only. Since then he has allowed only Kyungil from HISTORY to share and occassionally his twin JUNO gets some time. (Possessive, sexy little devil)

Anyway, he enlisted and kind of went AWOL on me right before he left. Kyungil left 2 months earlier - yep, my only two biases are serving military duty - yay me! Meanwhile, Jaejoong returned from service in FULL FORCE.... "Here I am, look at me". I never really knew Jaejoong except for his music, I love that he is rock and like his solo music. He decided while "little" Kim was gone that "big" Kim could take care of me. I decided NO and began this story as a way to appease him.

So far, it's worked..... until lately. Junsu is done with basic training and with police academy and come back with a VENGENANCE, saying OH HELL NO. So, they aren't really fighting because Jaejoong really doesn't have a foothold ... however, this is going to test my writing skills because Junsu isn't letting me give him any time. (That's kind of needed in order to write about him - sigh)

Have patience with me! Besides my life being a hectic, psychotic mess from all sides, I now have my bias and his brother fighting over my story. Who knew?!?!?!?! Men.

PS had to include a pic of Kyungil :) He's still so ever handsome. (3 days ago)
When you are stuck between two battling brothers! Unnie fighting!
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