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Ready to know our tall guy?!?!?😊
Birth Name : Chae Hyung-Won. Birthday 🎉 January 15,1994. Was a model before debut. October 2016 along with fellow member Minhyuk he modeled in S/S 2017 Seoul Fashion Week. Currently shares a dorm with Shownu and Wonho. He is the LOUDEST member in the dorm. Will sleep to cheer himself up. ( longest time he slept is 29 hours). He and his family lived in Germany 🇩🇪 for 3 months. Doesn't like spicy food. He is the best out of all the members at speaking Chinese
His childhood dream was to be a Lawyer. According to fellow member Kihyun, he is the worst cook. Kihyun said when he makes ramen it tastes like poison. ( awww poor hyungwon).