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Hey guys it's time for the first game of the Quarter!!!!!!!!!! Alrighty as you already know it's gonna be based off a drama and not just any drama. ITS A DRAMA THAT EVERYBODY HAS SEEN!!!!! If you haven't seen it then your very new to kdramas or you are very busy. This drama is phenomenal and amazing. Any who please don't forget to show us your results and us know what you think. Any who shall we start?
Welcome to Shinhwa the school for the rich and prestigious youths of Korea and anywhere else. As our newest student I suggest you take your time and make ssure that you know your way around. Your classes start tomorrow. Please look over your student handbook and feel free to join our many after school clubs. Also the cafeteria is this way.
Here in this cafeteria you will be served by top chefs from around the world. Please feel free to let them know of any allergies that you may have. They will work hard to make sure you are satisfied. " ITS SHINWHAS F4!!!! Oh my they are handsome" Please do be careful. They are the schools elite and most praised. You would want to make a good impression with them if you are to enjoy your time at this school. Ahh here they come now. Oh look this young man in the middle is the leader of the group. His family is the Shinhwa group and they own many big companies here in Korea. Be careful he is a bit cold.
Ahhh but many girls want to date him and fall at his feet. Please be careful not to do the same and embarrass yourself if he turns you down. Ahh this young man here is a fantastic Potter. His family through generations are very good artists and just look at his smile. He always has a way with the ladies.
He really is something isn't he? Oh yes and of course we have our handsome badboy of the group. His family owns many businesses but they also have ties to some major gangs in Korea and abroad.
Ahh I heard he is an amazing fighter. Oh yes last but not least we have the very handsome musician. His grandfather is the late president you know.
As you can see he is very reserved. If you want to get a good glimpse of him then you absolutely must find him in the school yard alone as he plays his violin. Its amazing I must say. So now that you've seen what this school has to offer what do you think?
Ahhh i understand. Well pleas feel free to have a look around and after a week or two we will talk. ____________ the next day__________ Why are you late for your first day of school? Come on move those legs out that door your ride is waiting. Am I pain in the butt conscious? You know it. Without me you would do whatever and not regret it now listen to me and hurry it up.
Ahhh finally we made it. Whats your first class? Oh yes..... Math. Are you good at math? Either way the bell will ring in twenty minutes. Lets go find your class then see how much time you have left. SMACK What the heck was that?
" Oh excuse me," wow I can't believe you ran into him. He really is a looker. Ahhh let's find your class hurry. Man Oh man your classmates are really into their luxeries. One girl was going on and on about her trip to Hawaii and another about her new shoes. Oh and just look at those boys. Do you think you can get along with them?
Either way you have about 3 years with these people so let's try to not fight with them. You have your plans for the future and you can't mess this up.....or can you? Hahaha just kidding. Your parents paid too much for you to come here. You can't quit. OK now it's lunch time so let's go get some grub. Do you want to try the food here or ask mom to bring you something? She cooks good remember.
Ahh the hallways are really nice and clean but now you have to put up with rich chitchat. I mean no matter how much money your family has your parents did teach you to not blow it and treat it like it's owed to you. Yes, they want you to learn the value of a dollar. Wait is that guy running away from something or to something?
Hmmmmmm maybe you should follow him. Come on let's go. Quick don't let him get away!!! Wait where did he go? Ummmmm maybe behind that door. See it's open. Lets go. Hmmm is anyone in here?
Oh. Have you seen him before? Wait what's he doing?
Ahhh today has been eventfulish. Now that your off school you have to go see your best friend.
Yes that awesome friend you've known since you were a kid. You have to tell her about that F4 and your first day of school. Oh in one of your classes didn't you hear about a group of girls that are obsessed with the F4? Yeah let's try not to run into them or get on their nerves this year. If you do then maybe you will end up fighting them. Buzzzzz Ahhh you got a text. Someone wants to meet you tomorrow in at the swimming pool at school. Why didn't they leave a name? I wonder who it is. Will it be good?
So cute. I can't wait to play!
Haha what an interesting game XD I got a lot of different members for the different things so this will be interesting c:
Sweeeet. I would love to see your results
wow tabby! Ive never watched boys over flowers..... I got to like 15mins of the first epiosde then couldn't pass it. but for you, I'm willing to try and watch it again! oh, and pkay then game heehee
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She didn't like the first episode but man Oh man it's her favorite now. Hahhhaha
I had an interesting result!
I hope it was good.