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You weren't the funniest of people and everyone around you knew that. But luckily you had the best boyfriend around and he would always laugh at your jokes. You'd laugh along cause, yeah, you weren't funny but his laugh is contagious.
First date, It's your first date. You'd known him for the longest time already. But this is the first date! You were nervous and you doubted he was, until you saw how giggly he was. That was a sign that yeah, he's nervous.
You didn't like seeing him down. He would always just bottle everything up and not let you know but, you knew. He wouldn't just come out and say it so you did what came up in your head, you hugged him. He tensed a bit before relaxing and just letting it out. You hugged him tight and didn't let go, and when he fell asleep, you went to sleep next to him.
This was a total mental breakdown for me. I'm not used to letting people see my 'work' so I didn't know what to do. Anyway! Hope you enjoyed!!
Kenya, that was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would so go and hug me a kiki
Yesss!!! I'd go hug him too 💕
Great job Kenya!