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Hello hello beautiful ARMY! Violet here! This week we will be introducing BTS members! This card is for newer ARMY to get to know our handsome and talented Jiminnie a little better and for all ARMY to enjoy!♡ Lets Get Started!

Basic Facts:

☆Real name: Park Ji Min
☆Birthday: October 13, 1995
☆Zodiac sign: Libra
☆Birthplace: Busan
☆Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
☆Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
☆Blood Type: A

Jimin facts:

– ♡He was born in Busan, South Korea.
– ♡Jimin’s family conists of: Dad, mom, younger brother
– ♡Education: Busan High School of Arts; Global Cyber University
– ♡Pre-debut Jimin entered Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance, but later transferred to Korea Arts High School with V.
– ♡His favorite colors are blue and black.
– ♡His favorite number is number 3.
–♡He was self conscious of his looks and cheeks.
– ♡His favorite foods are pork, duck, chicken, fruit, and kimchi jjigae.
– ♡He prefers a sunny and cool weather.
– ♡Is known for his impressive abs.
– ♡He jokingly hits his fellow members as a way of showing his affection for them
–♡ If music is playing he will start to dance no matter where he is.
– ♡When the weather is sunny and cool, Jimin likes wearing earphones while listening to music that gives a good feeling.
– ♡Jimin became interested in a singing career after watching a Rain performance.
– ♡Jimin’s role models are Rain, Taeyang (Bigbang) and Chris Brown.
–♡ He is most confident in his eyes.
–♡ He enjoys reading comic books. He said that comic books influenced him a lot.
–♡ Jimin usually solves his problems himself. If he can’t solve it, he will share it with V and ask for his advice.
–♡ Jungkook is always teasing Jimin about his height.
– ♡Jimin’s favorite food is: meat (pork, beef, duck, chicken), fruits, stew kimchi jjigae.
– ♡In 10 years, Jimin wants to be a cool singer who enjoys the stage.
–♡ In the dorm, Jimin is in charge of the kitchen.

Lets Get Personal:

– Things he want to steal from other members are: Rap Monster’s height, V’s talent and gaze, J-Hope’s cleanliness, Suga’s diverse knowledge.
– Jimin’s ideal date: “Sitting on the bench, drinking together… I would like to have a countryside date. "We would also walk holding hands….(Laugh)”
– Jimin’s ideal type is a nice and cute girl who is smaller than him.
– If he’d get a day off, Jimin jokingly said he wants to go on a date with Jungkook while holding hands together. And when Jungkook talked about his wishes, Jimin shouted: “Live happily together with me!”
– He felt a bit hurt when Jungkook ranked him the last in terms of looks. Jimin thinks the 1st is Jin while the 7th is Suga. (He was going to rank Rap Monster as the 7th but he changed his mind saying that recently Rap Monster got better-looking).
– He has to use eyeliner while practicing the choreography, else he can’t seem to show strong expressions and he will get shy.
– Jin chose Jimin as the member who has changed the most since debut.
– Hobby: Getting beaten up. (Profile written by Jimin)
– Motto : Let’s keep trying till we can’t do it any more. (Profile written by Jimin)
– Things he likes (3 things): Jungkookie, performing, receiving attention. (Profile written by Jimin)
– Things he dislikes (3 things): V, Jin, Suga. (Profile written by Jimin)

Other members about Jimin:

Jin: “Comes at you really cutely. It’s like being attacked by a puppy. Can’t refuse requests because he’s too nice.”
Rap Monster: “Basically kind and gentle. Is very considerate. Isn’t as timid as you would think. Likes clothes and style (same with me). But even though he responds well, there are many times where he doesn’t actually do it. Is quite stubborn. Is the effort-type.”
Suga: “Follows the hyungs’ words well, isn’t the personality where he’ll receive dislike somewhere, puts in effort to live his hardest”.
J-Hope: “Is kind, listens to his hyungs well, has a lot of greed, and has a personality where he makes sure to do his part, and he has a really good personality where he likes me the most and his faith towards me is very strong.~~”
Jungkook: “He’s the effort-type along with being a triple blood-type A, timid, shameless, and hates losing.”
V: “Cute. Only the amount of him losing his temper is excessive, he’s kind and a friend that’s trustworthy. I talk to him the most, and if I have any worries, he’s the friend that I tell it first to.”


☆ When Jimin was a little kid, he was injured by running into a toilet, and got 8 stitches! As a result his right eye is a bit more swollen than the left.

☆ His favorite super hero is Hulk.

☆ His parents own a cafe in Busan filled with pictures of BTS. (They love meeting BTS fans!)

☆ Jimin's idea of the perfect love story would be one where he only loves one person for a lifetime.

☆ Even though Jimin is from Busan, he has only been to the beach there twice.

☆ He thinks of himself as a "cute man".

☆ Jimin is affraid of butterflies due to a past childhood experience.

☆ Jimin wants 3 sons.

☆ Jimin appeared in GLAM’s MV Party (XXO). *GLAM disbanded, they were under BigHit.*

Did i forget to mention how TALENTED of a dancer and singer Jimin is!?

*Heart Eyes*

And that concludes this not so mini introduction.. lol. Look forward to the rest of the members this week and i hope you all learned something new about our adorable squishy angel that is Park Jimin.♡


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you should do all of the members. this really got me in awe
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he really likes jungkookie...
I love him so much 😘😘😘
OMG I'm a libra too!!! No wonder we're so similar!
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