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I'm so pumped!!!
I wanna belieeeeeeveeeeeeee
you sure this isn't another scam? "season 2 of Ouran" is a popular one...😓 I did find a video of Todd Haberkorn mentioning it at a con or something, but that's the only semi - official piece of evidence I've found... Believe me, I want it to happen, but idk if I'd get my hopes up... Then again, I wasn't entirely convinced AoT season 2 was happening until like 2 weeks ago, so maybe I'm just too much of a skeptic! 😅
The manga ended years ago. The mangaka is already into a new series. It's not gonna happen. I hate to be that guy, but read the manga.
I've talked to Caitlyn Glass who plays Haruhi and she said that they werent in the world for it. I dont think we should get excited for anything
Is the manga longer then the actual anime. I didn't like how that ended. I wish there were a season 2 but it would be hard to tell since it did end along time ago but if it's true bring it on and plz make a life action to
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Ok cuz I jut stopped at the anime but if there's more to the manga I will read that thx. And like I said how the anime ended I did not like it 😭 I was disappointed 😔 but now I can read the manga yay lol
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