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you know you should stay in your lane
don't look at me like that
or that-what's wrong wit you !?
oh so you just gon smile like you innocent cause you cute. like you aint wrong...ok ok
what did i strike a nerve? oh my bad bad you are a bias wrecker and all that but you know you wrong for that you supposed to be wrecken the list not puttin me into cardiac arrest
you always in my ear sayin let go for a drive in my foreign, baby me like ya and put this on replay and tell in my where Im gon feature in your songs ...don't get me started on the limousine
but who dis nah nah my home girl saw her in your foreign and just where are you looking
oh you mad or nah? over here talkin bout 2nd thots then you got the nerve to say call you aquaman. you must really be a fish out of water cause im drier than the Sahara desert
what???...why you lookin at me like that? im just a lil peeved you outchea lookin hella good an im like da...is that a hickey on your neck....nah its a bruise ok i believe you wit your cute self. thirsty naahh im not thirsty im well hydrated
ok maybe i lil thirsty im actually feelin kinda dehydrated....i didnt mean to get mad...what was talkin bout...mmmm you look good though i see you im gon call you wreck it ralph. that should be your next single
Kin! cause we feel your pain
like Jay pls, have mercy
i dont think mercy is in his dictionary
I feel so very attacked rn
we need to officially build him a lane