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In South Korea it is April 12th which is a special day for a special person....Sehun!! I live in the U.S. and April 12th is tomorrow which is my birthday and I am beyond happy to share this day with him. !!생일 축하!!
did you know that Chinese exo-ls bought him a land in Scotland?
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yeah he's now a lord
9 months ago
when my birthday is matching with Sehun and I'm basically celebrating Sehun's birthday and mine ... yoohoo~ *starts throwing confetti*
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Dude is your birthday on April 12th? Cause if it is my birthday is today too and we have the same birthday so YEAS. Also Happy Birthday to you!!
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@Taymax yeaahh fam 👌👌
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@Mmllk ayyyyyyyyyyyyy 👌👌
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