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Hello my lovelies. So I was in charge of working on A birthday game for Oh Sehun. (I guess @Tigerlily84 believes it'll make me agree to my feelings or come to terms. . idk. .)

I am proud to present A door game for the community. I have done these before and they were fun, also had a great turnout. We are going to celebrate the maknae by making this one all about him. ♡

I have always put a short story with mine. It makes it more fun, to me atleast. So I hope you enjoy. ♡

~ Fun things to Remember ~

1) Choose one and only one door. Please don't change your mind, it'll all turn out great in the end.
2) I will post the results tomorrow ♡
3) I Will create a collection for this, so you don't miss any parts.
4) Let's have fun!

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

~ Part 1 ~

Sehun being your long time best friend, you wanted to make his b-day something he'd always remember. You always tried everything to make that smirk you liked, appear across his face. Sure, you both were always so back and forth, but you both dished out what you received. Your roommate on the other side of the bar, started flipping pages as you sipped on your morning coffee; to insure people's survival rate of that day was high. Most of your friends knew that you were not too much into mornings. All of them. Sehun on the other hand didn't care regardless. If he was gonna grind your nerves, he was not shy about it. "Punk. It's my birthday and you can't even call me?" He stole the last doughnut from your prized possessions; homemade doughnuts from the shop down the street. You felt a little rage course through your body, but seeing as how it was his birthday coming up you would spare his life. Surely he knows not what he did. Surely. "Wrong. It's technically not your birthday until I bring you a cake, and why are you so worried I'll forget? Remember who's in charge of your party? That's right me. So chill and relax a bit." He side-eyed you as you continued drinking. You certainly had things up your sleeve for his birthday, but he was never going to find you out. All you needed to do was buy time into the events that would be unfolded. For many years Sehun liked order and organization when it came to his birthday, not too much flare but also not too small of a turnout. It was strange that he had to relinquish control the past few years. Albeit you were his best friend, the one he trusted with all of his life. You finally calmed his nerves down enough to send him off to get ready, so you could do the same. Being low maintenance had its perks, but you definitely wanted to do something new; tonight would be different. You decided to dress up for him. . .

Decisions. Decisions.

Option 1 ♡

Option 2 ♤

Option 3 ◇

Option 4 ♧

Option 5 ☆


Alright so make a choice and the waiting game starts now!

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I'll go with 5 and be a dead woman xD
Option 3
option 5
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oh, okay thank you. I read it as a question like have ou saved? and I was so confused like is this a rule I didn't read
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