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as I lay in my dorm, thinking about life I get distracted my these memes... now I forgot what I doing XD I NEED HELP!
Frickin same dude. XD
Oh god, why does it actually look like Jimin and Jungkook are a kdrama couple.... I died when I saw that
Same, but they are sooo a kdrama couple though.
I'm trying not to laugh out loud and wake the rest of my family up. I love kpop memes, they are the best!! If laughter is the key to a longer life, then my key to a longer life is kpop memes.
You speak the truth my friend. I'm the exact same way.
this made my day
I'm glad it did!😊
can we just talk about how dangerous it would be to habe a kpop neighborhood?
This is true, but I would still love to be a part of one. I'd always stay in the safe part of town though...yo I'd be in GOT7ville.
no part is safe with certain "fans" existing
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