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Hello Beautiful vinglers!!! This is just a short card about the new season of blue exorcist!! I'm briefly going to talk about this season and the next!!馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅


So as most of you already know blue exorcist already has a season 1 which consist of 24 episodes , it has quite a few OVA's and a movie!!!! Season 1 was released about 6 years ago. The anime was extremely amazing and kept everyone in anticipation!! unfortunately it strayed off of the manga but now with the new season it has some hope!!!

(Info about seasons and weather they are dubbed /subbed at very end)

Season 2 - what I personally think!!

Season 2 was mainly focused on Rin and him conquering his demonic powers. This season also gave us a little bit more of a view of Ry奴ji's past! I believe even though this season was so short it gave us a good leave off from season 1! However with this season you can tell that a few minor things seemed reset, Such as the bond between Yukio and Rin. Why? Well since the original season strayed off from the manga path there was not many recovery options that could have been taken to give opening to a season 2. This is why something's seemed "reset" or "already happened". Overall I believe that they made a smooth recovery of the blue exorcist anime , maybe so much so that we could get a season 3!

Season 3???

Season 3 is not too far of a shot to pull off! The anime finally is at a point where it can smoothly follow the manga! It's extremely possible that there will be a season 3, I mean why continue an anime that left off 6 years ago to not make more seasons??? Hopefully we will get a season 3!!!

Anime info!!

Season 1 - 24 ep dubbed and subbed

Movie - dubbed and subbed

Ova's - subbed

Season 2-11 ep subbed only as of right now

And of course there's the manga!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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ok didnt know there was a movie, ovas, and a season 2! ive been waiting since middle school for this! where can i watch them all!?
There's a site designated for blue exorcist 馃槈go on google and search it up and you should find it
Crunchyroll has both seasons but not the ova or the movie. You can find the manga online but Viz or Amazon Kindle is the best place to the volumes. It's currently running monthly on Shonen Jump, so that's the best thing to get once your up to date.
that's like saying attack on titan season 3 is likely (wishful thinking) and season 2 did not follow the manga which is how they fit it in 11 episodes
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First off I literally just said attack on titan in my first comment second I'm not comparing them I'm stating facts Third do you know how many animes jumped off track from the manga anime brings the manga to life not to expand it
SPOILER ALERT rin gets friendzoned forever and ever and ever *poor rin*