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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok
What: Smut cream cone with Angst sprinkles
So yesterday I was playing my sex song playlist, it helps me write my Smut scenes. Me and my best friend started talking about how men and women can listen to the same song and interpret it differently. So we started talking about Earned it by Weekend when it came on my playlist and it inspired this one shot. I mixed both of our interpretations into it and this is how it came out. Hope you enjoy.
The sweet scent of jasmine filled the room while soft music played in the background. The room was lit with candles and the lights were completely turned down. Just you and him. Only you two. He had created a world where only you two existed. Only your breath. Only your heart beat. Intimate. He scooped his hands under your hair to cup your cheek and kissed you softly. Your hands instinctively came up his chest and ran over the wide area of his upper body. He snaked his arm around your body and pulled you closer. His lips sank on yours to kiss you deeper. The pull in your stomach began to build. The ache between your legs became more powerful as the passionate kiss continued. His inhale somehow became more erotic in your ears as he pulled away to grab the hem of his shirt. Your eyes drank up every bit of flesh he revealed as he removed the shirt. He did it too fast. You couldn't fully enjoy the show he'd just given you. He seemed in a rush now as he stalked up towards you but you created the distance. His eyes narrowed in confusion but you needed him to be slower. You wanted to savor it. You had called him over for this, so many times you'd called him unexpectedly. So many times you promised it was going to be the last time, you wouldn't call him again. You wouldn't crave the taste of his lips and that deep groan he gifted you when he came inside you. You told yourself it didn't mean anything it was just sex but god with him it was always so much more. Your heart would race a mile a minute, like it was now. He was the only one in the room with you. He always made it like this. All your attention went to him and all his attention went to you. You opened the silk robe that you had on to reveal the saucy black lace lingerie you had underneath. Black lace panties with garters connected to black thigh high stockings. The black lace bra you wore pushed your breast up for a nice and teasing little show. The way his tongue slowly slid from one corner of his mouth to the other side made the pull of desire stronger. Your heat already began to get wet for him. He came up to you placing his hands on your waist. He couldn't tear his eyes from you, that's what you wanted. All his attention. Tonight Kiseok was all yours. He could smell you, so sweet and sinful. You were no temptress, you were just Y/n and you were more delicious than any other woman he had. He fell victim to you but neither of you stayed with each other, it was just in these moments. The cravings would be too much, when you knew you shouldn't, when you promised not to call again but you always did. He always kept his promise as long as you called he'd come. He'd take care of you. God he was an addiction you just couldn't get rid of. Your scent affected him but he had no idea how his deep brown eyes piercing in yours had turned you on so much that it made you inhale with a shaky breath. Your body shivered in his hands not because you were cold but you were so utterly turned on he had you shaken to the core. Your body warmed and your core was throbbing for him. He smelled of spice such a seductive scent. Your hands trailed up his bare chest. Beautiful. Your fingers delicately traced his neck. Beautiful too. They looped around his neck and he dipped his head down bringing his lips to yours. They connected in sweet reunion only to collide like a storm of incessant hunger. You two needed each other. He lifted you impatiently. He drank you up like you were a life source, he was an incubus in search of sexual energy and there was plenty of it pent up between you two. The tension in the room was enough to make you cum. He yanked down your, bra and his tongue found your puckered nipple. He devoured the nub with his lips. His teeth nibbled at the button but he sucked on the taut nipple to make you moan loud. Your voice was sweetly low and now rose to a louder call of desire. Your moans begged for more without having to form the words yourself. He knew your body like the back of his palm. "You like that baby girl?" He grinned triumphantly. "Yes." You mewled softly. Your heart caught in your throat. His lips moved to the other nipple kissing softly as he watched it rise to an erect nub. His tongue flicked it and your back arched. Your panties wet just a bit more. More. That's what you wanted more. His shirt was off, now his pants. You wanted to see it. His beautiful cock hard and standing at attention swollen and throbbing, ready to assault your walls. You had half a mind to beg him to just fuck you but you had to enjoy this. This was the real last time. It had to be. "Ki-seok." You breathed. "Let me take my time." He requested. He must've felt it, even though he knew you wanted him to scoop you up in lust and move like a storm. You wanted him to ride your body like a giant wave. You wanted that glorious high he sent you in when you came and it would feel like you couldn't come down for a while. He'd gift you with a second orgasm in no time because he knew how to move but he'd still be on his first searching and searching your body while it tightened and squeezed him so he could never leave you. You loved more than anything to see your connection. Him on top of you, inside you, panting, sweating, fingers locked... so fucking sexy. If your heart was beating any faster you would've died. Hold back that aching desire Y/n don't ask him for it yet. Let him take you slow, let him take his time and destroy you one last time. That's what you told yourself. One last time. He wasn't going to Fuck you this time. This wasn't just a fuck this was sensual. His fingers trailed down your body and to your belly. He kissed softly down the flat surface of your stomach, his tongue traced your belly button a few times and you felt your clit twitch. You wanted to say it. Tell him to just fuck you. No right now you needed his tongue somewhere else. "Kiseok lick me up." you said. He didn't need the request he was going to do it anyway. He liked the taste of your arousal. He loved the smell of it too. He hooked his finger into your panties and pulled them off your hips slowly. His tongue moved slow up your folds. He moved from bottom to the top, from your heat to your clit, his tongue made slow strokes in a pattern. Your pounding heart calmed for a few seconds then his tongue poked into your heat. Your back arched at the marvelous intrusion. You gripped onto the bed sheets while his tongue moved up and down, in and out of you in a rhythm too delicious for you to ask him to stop. He trailed his tongue up to your clit to circle around the swollen nub. Your hand began teasing your taut nipple while he licked you. Your mewls sounded desperate and hungry. You were both of those things. Your entire body was hot, burning for him. He looked up at you with those dark eyes, pools of lust. He enjoyed it so much the way he made you moan and squirm below him. He felt like he was in power. He had control over you, too much for your liking. No matter how many times this shouldn't have happened you kept calling him back to you. Did he know this was the last time? He could probably feel it. You were twice as hungry than usual, he moved slower and made every move more intimate between you two than it needed to be. He crawled up your body like an animal stocking his prey. You were helpless prey caught by him. The big bad tiger was here to eat you up. He ate indeed, he devoured and relished in the taste of you. Such a wonderfully delicious taste. Amazing. His lips came over yours so you could enjoy the taste of yourself on his lips but you enjoyed the taste of him more. Your palm ran up his body, you kept touching his chest and broke the kiss so you kiss his neck. You got to his collarbone and he was weak, he groaned deep in the most delicious way ever. Your body reacted the only way it knew how, you became wetter than before. Your body tightened and begged you to receive attention. You wanted him fucking you so bad. Your lips continued on his chest nipping little parts of his flesh to cause him to hiss. You loved that sound and you moved to hear it again and again. "Let me lick you." You said. He looked down at you and cupped your cheek but he nodded in pants. He kissed you as he sat up straight. You stayed low the way he had to dip down to get to you was a sexy angle. When you opened your eyes to look at him, he was biting his bottom lip. You pushed him lightly to get him to lay down and you came between his legs. You grabbed his thigh with one hand but his heat in the other. Your tongue circled his tip slowly. He groaned. He was just pure sin in its natural form. All the times he used to take his lollipop out of his mouth and stick it in your mouth like he was claiming you. He did stupid shit like that in public just to let you know what he really wanted your mouth to be doing. Your mouth covered his tip and you sucked at the top for a little before slowly taking him inch by inch. "Fuck." He moaned. His hand went to your hair and he pushed you down a little more. He made you go at the pace he wanted. He could go painfully slow but when it came to getting him off you had to go at his pace. Selfish. You loved it though. Your head bobbed up and down on him your tongue worked well to keep him wet and torture his dick. He was feeling it. His head was thrown back, his fingers laced deeper into your hair and he gripped it tight. He made you go faster, hearing you choke just a little made the experience far more pleasurable to him. You licked and sucked him like a lollipop, you put all that practice to work. He pulled you off him quickly. "I can't wait anymore." He said breathless. You couldn't either. He picked you up and laid you on the bed. He opened your legs so you were all exposed to him. He began to pet your little kitten softly and then pushed in a finger then a second and curled them up. You moaned loud and shut your eyes feeling the wave of lust hit you hard. His fingers left your heat and your eyes peeled open to see him come to your core. He pushed inside of you, stretching your walls and filling you up. He wasted no time; he began to move at an even pace. He was amazing. His hand cradled the back of your head and he kissed you softly but deeply. So deep he reached your soul. He was getting to deep, too close to you. His spicy scent still mixed with the jasmine candles and it seemed like your arousal was relentless. The bed was set up like an Arabian nights theme. Your thigh highs were still on and his hand found them and teased the trim while he road into you. He fucked you good. Was it a fuck any more? The line was getting blurred, too blurred. What made this making love? Was it the intense feeling in your chest that made it feel like you were going to explode? He kept your bodies close and the closer you two were the more your mind sank into something foreign. You couldn't have him, you couldn't keep this. His movements were so sweet and tender though. Like the first time. He lifted your legs onto his arms. He rode into you harder biting his lip while he did. The back of your finger came to your lips and you bit down. Pressure was building and building and building. So close, so fucking close. "Kiseok! I'm gonna cum." You warned. "Me too baby." He said. You shivered at the way he called you baby. "Come for me baby, be a good gir..l. Come on Y/n.... Come." He coaxed you closer to the edge with every snap of his hips. He was going to spill into you. No condom, fuck. No this was the most delicious way. Your body could drink him up one last time. Your fingers came down to your clit to draw fast circles until he slapped your hand away. That only made your core clench him tighter. He growled, "Come for me." He said. He kissed your lips hard in hungry desire. He crushed your lips beneath his, he devoured you, he stole your soul from you. All the while the pressure that had built up that had pushed you close to an edge came closer and closer. It felt like you were tip toeing to it but no you were moving fast. Your back was arched, his fingers drew the circles at your clit, his nails bit into your thigh while he stole your breath. "Kiseok!" "Oooh, fuck baby yes. Oh shit." He breathed through moans of his own powerful climax. You both exploded hard, your body twitched beneath his. Unbelievable. For one last night that was one hell of a fuck. He kept moving in you. His hand came down to your breast to scoop it up. He dipped his head down to lick your nipple again. He sucked on it before biting down on it. He started to push harder into you. He snapped into your body hard. His hand came to your waist. "I want you." He growled. "Take me." You offered. Maybe threatened, you weren't sure at the moment your mind was going blank. "Fuck me." You said. "I want more than that." He said heavy. "That's all I have to offer." He did know. It was the last time. "I can't let you go. You've got me so fucking addicted." He said. His body moved more aggressively than before. He was an animal right now. Your body curled up into a small being but he kept your legs out wide. He watched how you two connected, how your body welcomed him even after reaching a climax already. "I want you to come again." He growled. He was so ravenous. In a moment, he'd become a monster but the sexy kind that you'd welcome into the house of your own free will. The kind of monster that wanted normality but couldn't quite reach it. Kiseok wanted you but couldn't completely have you. It was his own fault. Your fault too. No good came from relationships like this. Your fingers clawed at his back when he sank down close to you. He devoured your neck. No doubt there would be marks tomorrow. A beautiful little memory of him. He didn't want it to end because he knew ten minutes of basking in the after glow and you'd send him home but he knew it, he knew this time you weren't going to ask him back. He could feel it, that this time it was real. He pulled out of you and flipped you over and propped you up on your knees. He pushed your head down into the bed. Face down, ass up and soaking. He came into your body again and the connection was made again. Your body was surged with another source of energy and you were going crazy. He felt amazing ramming into your body hot and heavy, fast and hard. He was destroying your body but it felt so good. So fucking good. "How'd you get tighter?" He moaned in disbelief. "You're driving me crazy." You said back. "Go crazy. Go insane just like me." He said. He gripped your hips hard and snapped harder than before in your body. The bed rocked a bit making you cautious of the candles that were around. You hoped none of them fell. The way he was fucking you was painfully amazing. He reached deeper than before pounding into your g spot as hard as he could. "Come on me." He demanded. It was a demand you weren't going to disobey. You just needed a little more time. He smacked your ass and you yelped but giggled just after. "You like that?" He said "Yes, yes. Do it again Kiseok." You said. He smacked your ass again before smoothing it over with his palm. Your heart was racing and that feeling built up again. He came down to your ear and licked the back of it causing you to mewl. He was gripping your ass with both hands while he fucked you. He squeezed your ass just worshipping it as much as he could while he had it. His teeth bit at your earlobe then your neck. "Come on baby. Do it for me again." He encouraged. You were close, close enough. He felt amazing. You were going crazy. "Kiseok, Kiseok, Kiseok." "Yes baby girl say my fucking name." Your hand ran through your hair. "Kiseok!" You whined. He was going to come again too. He was getting lazy in his hips. You aided your climax by teasing your clit. Your body tensed up and you hit that finish line in another great explosion. His body didn't stop moving though, he hadn't finished. He kept going, his breath was ragged. "Baby...Y/n, you're- so - fucking good." He said panting. He slammed into you one last time and sprayed his seed inside of you. He held you there connected to his body until he was all cleaned out. Everything he had was spilled inside of you and then he collapsed onto the bed beside you. Both of you worked to calm down the pants but for the first tight you didn't kick him out of bed. You kept him there with his arms wrapped around your body. "I can't do this anymore." You whispered. "I know but I don't want to leave." "I know." You said softly. "This is the last time." You said. "I know that too." He kissed your shoulder, up your neck and to your cheek. "If this is wrong why does it feel so right?" He said. "Sin feels right when you're basking in the freedom of it but eventually you always reap what you sow. Go home to your wife Kiseok. Don't think of me anymore." You said. "I'm staying here with you for the night. If it's the last time then I at least deserve that." "Kiseok-" "I'll be gone by morning before you wake up." He cut you off. You could live with that. In the background, the soft orchestra music had changed to Weekend's song Earned it. The song was so sensual and described just about the first half of your sexual escapades that night but that last half was something much rougher and hungrier than either of you could stand. It was a hunger neither one of you could truly satisfy. He shouldn't have stayed that's why you always kicked him out of your bed but you would've been satisfied if he refused and curled up instead. Wrong was wrong and he wasn't yours. If you didn't let go now things would be much worse... 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