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Vingle's 100 Best Collections FAQ

We would like to thank you all for expressing such tremendous interest in participating in Vingle's 100 Best Collections event. Here are the responses for the most frequently asked questions. 1.How do I publish my Collection? After logging onto Vingle web (, go to your user account page and click on the Collections tab. When you move your mouse over a collection cover, the option to “Publish” your collection will appear. When you publish the collection to an interest, the members of that interest will be able to discover and follow that collection. 2.If I have published multiple collections, will each one of them have a chance to be selected? Yes 3.Will my chances of getting a collection selected increase if I publish a collection into multiple interests? Publishing a collection to multiple interests will not increase the likelihood of your collection being selected for Vingle's 100 Best Collections event. Publishing into irrelevant interests could actually harm your chances of being selected, so we would encourage all to always publish collections into correct interests. 4.I created my collection very recently. Will it have any chance of being selected? Absolutely! As long the collection is published to Vingle Interest Communities no later than November 24th, your collection could be selected. 5.I created my collection a very long time ago. Can it still qualify? Any collection qualifies as long as it has been updated in the past 3 month period. 6.If I had published my collection after the deadline, will there be no chance of it being selected? The collection will considered eligible for submission for the next Vingle's 100 Collections event. 7.If my collection did not make it to the Vingle 100 Best Collections, will it have any chance of being selected in the future? Yes. As long as the collection meets the selection criteria and follows the entry requirements, it will have the chance of being selected for future Vingle 100 Best Collections events. Check out the “How To Vingle” guide for detailed instructions on making collections: If you have any questions, e-mail us via
Time to get my collection prepared! hahaha
@VingleEnglish sounds awesome :)