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Such a cute drama title. I wanna watch it now! --------------------------------------------------------- Super Junior’s Donghae is currently attracting many people’s attention by changing into a genius patissier on Channel A’s new drama series Panda and Hedgehog. Panda and Hedgehog is a love story between a hedgehog-like picky man named Go Seung Ji (played by Donghae) and a panda-like bakery owner (played by Yoon Seung Ah). In a white patissier uniform which fits him perfectly, Donghae has changed into a cute patissier who makes sweet cake unlike his ruthless personality. His handsome face is especially increasing many people’s expectations on the series. A spokesperson for the production company of Panda and Hedgehog says, “Donghae loves his character so much that he actually showed his talent in baking. We assure you that you can look forward to Donghae’s acting as a genius patissier.” Panda and Hedgehog, which stars such young actors as Donghae, Yoon Seung Ah, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Yoo So Young and such veteran actors as Park Keun Hyung, Lee Moon Hee, Yang Hee Kyung, and Hyun Suk, will air on Channel A this summer. Source: TV Report via
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