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Hi Carats!

Today I'll be giving you all some fun facts about DK !~
p.s I love him in this polka dot shirt > <

Stage Name: DK ( 도겸 )
Real Name: Lee Seokmin ( 이 석민 )
Nicknames: Mr.Hat, Soonseok Talk, Rockstar, Docutie
Position: Vocal
Birthday: February 18th, 1997
Height: 179CM
Hometown: Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Specialty: Singing songs loudly, losing stuff
Hobies: watching movies, singing while wearing earphones and resting
Education: Seoul High School of Performing Arts ('16)
Training Period: 2 years and 7 months
Favorite food: Wenchang chicken
Favorite color: black
Favorite number: 17
He loves rock bands
Hansol, Seungkwan and Jisoo think he's the funniest member
He was a student at YP Music Academy
He's very lively but a sensitive person
He wants to be someone who can help others and give them hope
The meaning behind his real name is that 'Seok' means 'big' and 'Min' means 'precious gem.' It means to be a big existance like a precious gem stone.
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I've been blinded by his beauty. Help
My bias is indeed a precious gem.
Oohhh, very many facts about the handsome DK!😍😍😍