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안녕하세요 친구

Welcome my fellow Monbebes and soon to be Monbebes!!

It's another Tuesday and that means more oppa-ness but more of our leader:


Well this card is for all of you lovelies that are just getting into Monsta X and those whom already are familiar let's have a refresher.

Isn't he handsome?!?!??!

Birth name: Sohn Hyun-woo (손현우)
Stage name: Shownu (
Position: leader, main dancer, lead vocalist
DOB: 18 June 1992
Zody: Gemini
Blood type: O

That eye smile lawdddd

Fun Stuff:
-Was the 2nd trainee announced as member of forming (at that time) boy group Monsta X
-Born in Seoul, South Korea
-Was a former JYP trainee for 2 years with GOT7
-Rain was his inspiration to follow a music career
-Came in 2nd place at the JYP auditions and nicknamed as "the second Rain" bc of his dance skills

Let's check them out shall we??

Oops...I got distracted.

Let me finish introducing this gorgeous hunk...
•He's the "dad" in the group
•He sleeps only in shorts (I'm on my way lol)
•Can pick up things with his toes and usually laying down, keeps items near his feet to pick them up with toes
•In his opinion, he thinks his arms are his best feature.
Yes.....I agree


Let me finish before I die....

>Doesn't know how to do aegyo...see him try HERE on weekly idol
>The members tease him since he's awkward to have conversations with (awww)
>Shares a room with Hyungwon & Wonho
>Loves to exercise
>Favourite food: meat
>Favourite colour: black
>Hobbies: listening to music

Welp a few more pics before the end lovelies:


Secretly hoping he notices me.

안녕 몬배배

I'm dying. 😱💚💚💚💚💚
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Shownu! 😍 trying to get his UB spot back 😱
my heart!!! 😍😍😍😍
No wonder Monsta X has such good relationship with GOT7 😆.
Sol I feel so attacked by this card. My baby so handsome. He jumped up to my top 5 bias list.
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Yeah he knocked T.O.P out the top 5 and planted his self lol
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