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‘Ji Su if you keep swinging your hips like that I won’t be able to control myself.’ Jungkook whispered in her ear as he was teaching her a dance move.
‘Well how should I move them? Like this?’ Ji Su started to sway her hips more like grinding against him. She could feel how hard he was, but she wasn’t going to give in. No matter how much she wanted to, Ji Su was going to tease him like he has with her so many times before. ‘Ji Su...' Jungkook growled deeply squeezing her hips. It was painful to not force her on her knees and fuck her right there. Jungkook wouldn’t do that with so many citizens walking by that big ass window for all to see.
Ji Su smiled to herself knowing what she was doing and was enjoying it. She grinned as if she was an evil wicked person when she stopped and removed his hands. She turned and pecked him on the cheek before grabbing her bag. Jungkook glared at her while she was zipping up her bag and putting on her jacket.
‘I’ll call you later, I have to meet with Mi Sun about ordering some fabric.’ She told him before walking out the door. Jungkook went over to were his phone was and called her. She giggled when she answered. ‘
You have no idea what I am going to do you.’ He growled sending shivers through the phone that went down her spin.
‘I dare you to punish me.’ Ji Su said to him sweetly. ‘
I will and make you scream so loud that everyone will hear you.’ ‘
Oh, you wouldn’t dare.’
‘I so would. I would tease you so bad that I would make you beg me to come.’ Jungkook heard her moan and could imagine that she was biting her lip. He smirked knowing Ji Su was too shocked to say anything back. He was about to hang up when he heard a loud bang. ‘Ji Su, are you ok?’ he asked worried. When she didn’t say anything and another loud bang went off.
Jungkook shot out of bed realizing he was dreaming. Not only that, but he had a tent in his shorts. Groaning he laid back down covering his eyes with his arms. This was the third time this week that he had a dream about Ji Su teasing him. The dreams were driving him nuts and he needed help to take care of it. Whenever he had a chance to be alone with her, either Jin hyung or Mi Sun would pop up out of nowhere. It didn’t help that his other roommates never left him out of their sight.
They calmed the reason for being around him so much was that they truly missed him and wanted to get to know the new Jungkook. He was confused on what they meant on the ‘New Jungkook’. A loud bang caught his attention from the kitchen. Sitting back up, he went to go check on what was going on. He quietly opened the door, not wanting to wake up Yoongi, and Hoseok hyung. Hoseok would fall back asleep and Yoongi would just swear at him before going back to sleep.
“Jin I need to go before any of them wake up. Before Ji Su wakes up and gives me her judgey face. I swear she is my mother half the time.” Jungkook heard Mi Sun whisper.
“Let me make you breakfast at least.” Jin pleaded with Mi Sun.
“Babe I know how much you love me and want to feed me, but I need to go.”
“Maybe we should find a place of our own, we have to anyways since we are planning to get married."
Jungkook chose this time to walk out. He tried to not smile thinking that Jin was hiding that he was going to get married even though it wasn’t official yet. Jungkook was happy for him and thought it was time for Jin to move onto the next chapter of his.
“Oh, Jungkook did we wake you?” Jin asked going into his mother mode.
“No I was thirsty and was going to get some water.” Jungkook told him. It wasn’t a lie when he dreamt of the person who was responsible to waking him up in the first place.
“I better go oppa. I’ll see you at work.” Mi Sun pecked Jin’s lips before smiling at Jungkook when she walked out.
Jungkook went to the counter where a pitcher of water was at with glasses. Pouring himself a glass of water he stood there drinking he water watching Jin stand on the other side of the counter looking at the door.
“Hyung if are thinking about moving out and finding a place with her then do it.” Jungkook said taking his glass with him back to his room.
“Jungkook you are still young and you don’t know what you are saying. As much as I want to move in with Mi Sun, I would feel as if I abandon each one of you.” Jin looked at Jungkook who stopped to stare back at him.
“Hyung you can’t keep taking care of us. There will come a day where we won’t need you and it might be too late for you and Mi Sun by then.” Jungkook told him in hopes that would push Jin into realizing that everyone is grown up.
“You sure have grown.” Jin chuckled before walking back into his room. Jungkook went back into his room knowing he wasn’t going to sleep. So, he changed into running gear and headed out for a run. He ran to clear his mind and the sexual frustration he was feeling. It didn’t help when he past the section of trees where Ji Su and he did the unthinkable. He smiled thinking how it was worth it. He was surprised that with him just touching her made her want him that bad.
By the time, he ran around the lake the sun had risen and he was heading back in to take a shower. Today was his first day back at the studio and he was anxious to be teaching strangers that he didn’t even know. Jimin told him he would be in the room to help him if he needed it. Jungkook thanked him and told him that he could take care of it. Deep down he wasn’t sure if he could manage.
When he walked in through the door everyone was up and eating. Jin was in the kitchen either cleaning up or making more food. Jimin and Taehyung were arguing over who was going to have the last toast. Hoseok and Yoongi along with Namjoon were around a computer playing with beats that they created. Jungkook walked over to Jimin and Taehyung taking the last toast from them causing them to whine at him. Jungkook just shrugged his shoulders before disappearing to take a shower.
“5,6.7,8.” Jungkook clapped his hands as he counted. His last class of the day was struggling on a move he taught them and spent an hour on the same move. He wasn’t irritated knowing how learning something new was never easy. When he looked at the time, Jungkook went over to the music player and turned the music off. “Alright next time we will start with this move and work on it until everyone is able to do it. You are free to go.” Jungkook told them and grabbed his water taking a sip. He looked outside of the big window seeing Ji Su in the window replacing an article of clothing on one of the mannequins.
Jungkook licked his lips when he saw what she was wearing. A blue blouse with a black pencil skirt. The dream he had was still fresh in his mind, but instead of her teasing him here at the studio he rather he wanted to the one teasing her at her store, in her office, making her scream his name.
Someone taped him on the arm breaking him out of day dream. He looked down see a young girl with big brown eyes staring up at him.
“Yes?” he asked not sure what to say.
“Oppa will we be performing this when we have all the steps down?” She asked. Jungkook tried not to squirm at the word ‘oppa’. He hated that word especially when it was young girls like her.
“Please call my Jungkook and I will have to see how everyone does before I bring up about you all performing.” He gave he a smile and glanced back a crossed to see the Ji Su was nowhere in sight.
“Do you think you could help me some more of these new steps then Jungkook oppa?” she asked drawing out the word oppa. When he realized what she was doing he just shook his head putting his bottle of water down.
“Listen I am not interested in what you are thinking. I do not do private lessons, and please don’t use the word oppa.” He told her knowing he sounded mean. However, he just hoped that what he said would stick to her. Jungkook walked away from her and into another room to see Hoseok teaching how to pop dance. Jungkook looked up to Hoseok when it came to dancing and was always wanting to learn something new from him. Walking away to see Taehyung at the front desk of the studio reading a comic.
“What up Kookie?” Taehyung asked trying to act cool.
“Can I ask you something?” Jungkook leaned against the desk with his arms crossed. “Depends on what it is about.” Taehyung said putting his comic down.
“That guy that we met a few days ago, who was hurting Ji Su, was that her ex?” Jungkook asked. He was curious on who he was. When he and Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok walked in, Jungkook didn’t like that guy grip on her arm. Even though she in a way told she was ok, he knew that she wasn’t.
“Why do you have the hots for Ji Su? If you do get in line.” Taehyung asked him before picking his comic back up.
“Hyung I’m serious was he or was he not?”
“Yea it was that ass. I only met him once when she brought him over for a big dinner that Jin invited people over. You could tell he was born with a silver spoon with the way he acted. I never understood what Ji Su saw in him.” Taehyung answered Jungkook’s question.
Jungkook had another one but decided to not even ask before drawing to much attention to himself. The question he wanted to ask on why she was meeting with him. Jungkook walked back into the room he that he was in all day realizing that he was digging a hole with attaching feelings for Ji Su. He wasn’t ready to lose her when she was already tormenting him in his dreams.
Packing his bag, he was about to head out when the smell of coconuts entered the room. He turned to see Ji Su smiling at him. He smiled back looking her up and down.
“Hi.” She said and blushed. Daman seeing her blush was making him feel things that he wasn’t wanting to show especially if one of his hyungs walked in. He would never hear the end of it. “What brings you here?” He asked her walking up to here standing close enough that the coconut sent was intoxicating like a drug to him.
“Mi Sun wanted to invite you and Jin over for dinner and movies. Since a few days ago we weren’t able too.” She told him taking a step closer to him. Jungkook remembered when he left her place after having sex in the shower, Jin called telling him about dinner plans with the girls. Though it was post pone until another day. Jungkook was starting to think it had to do with her ex that day.
“Are you sure that we are going to have dinner and that you’re not going to bail on us again?” he asked itching to pull her closer.
“Mi Sun and I forgot about previous appoint that day.” Ji Su looked away when she told him. She was lying and he knew it, but he wasn’t going to push it.
“Will we be able to be alone or will the married couple be watching us like a hawk?” He asked leaning closer to where their faces were inches apart.
“The married couple? Cute. It is just dinner and a movie. I don’t think we will have a chance to sneak off like teenagers in heat.” She told him taking a step back from him when they both heard footsteps approaching. Ji Su looked to see who was coming.
No one was in sight and when she was about to turn to face Jungkook, he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. He leaned down and kissed her deep and slowly. Ji Su put her right hand on his chest and the on his arm that was wrapped around her waist. She missed his lips on hers and Jungkook was glade he wasn’t dreaming about her lips this time. Jungkook bit her bottom lip making Ji Su squeeze his arm. Footsteps were heard again and Ji Su pushed Jungkook away. They both agreed a few days ago to keep what they had a secret. Jungkook wasn’t ready for his hyungs to see a grown man who had a healthy sex life. Ji Su’s reason was not wanting to do something that would hurt Mi Sun.
“Oh, Jungkook you have left yet?” Jimin asked walking by. Jungkook stood in front of Ji Su hiding her in hopes Jimin wouldn’t notice.
“No I was about to, but I remembered I forgot something in the music player.” Jungkook told Jimin.
“Oh alright. Do you want a ride home then?” Jimin asked.
“No, I’m good. I think I am going to pay the girls over at Paris Boutique a visit.”
“Oh, I see. You met Ji Su once and you already have the hots for her. Good luck buddy there is a long line.” Jimin slapped him in the arm and started walking away before turning back to face Jungkook. “Jin just called me a few minutes ago. Mi Sun invited us over for movie night. Make sure you’re there.” With that said Jimin waved before disappearing from Jungkook’s sight. Jungkook turned back to see Ji Su’s left eyebrow raise.
“Why the weird, cute, questioning looked?” He asked her.
“A long line?”
“Oh apparently there is a long line for those who have that hots for you. Though I don’t have to worry about that right? Since I am at the top of that long line.” Jungkook smirked leaning closer to her. Ji Su slightly pushed him back.
“I don’t know about that oppa.” She said teasing him.
“Please do not use that word.” He told her with his eyes closed.
“What word? Oh Oppa?” she laughed watching his jaw lock and seeing the muscles in his neck show. She leaned in and kissed those muscles on his neck before backing away from him. “I’ll see you later Oppa.” She walked out laughing hearing him growl. He shook his head and started to head for the door when Yoongi hyung ran into him.
Jungkook asked Yoongi if he could have a ride home. Jungkook was going to ask Ji Su but she distracted him by teasing him. If we get some alone time I am going to punish her. He thought while thinking of ways he would. The ride home was quiet and Jungkook liked that Yoongi wasn’t a talker. Since Jungkook came home Yoongi has been the only one who has kept his distance from him. Jungkook just wished everyone else was like that.
When they arrived at home, Jungkook went and took a shower before he and the others headed over to Ji Su and Mi Sun’s place. Jin was busy preparing snacks for everyone. Yoongi hyung was getting his liquor to make mix drinks if anyone wanted any. That brought a smile to Jungkook’s face thinking that Ji Su was going to taste like cherries if he got the chance to kiss her and taste the cherries.
They went in one whole group and when they entered Ji Su looked at Yoongi and asked him for his cherry drink. She called him oppa which caused Jungkook to growl. Jin asked if Jungkook was ok. Ji Su laughed and winked at Jungkook which earned a glare from him. Jungkook told Jin he was fine and that there was something in his throat.
Jin walked away after double checking to see if Jungkook was ok. Jungkook was about to call Jin mom, but held it back. Mi Sun went and got the first movie ready. Everyone went into the living room to get settled. Ji Su sat on one end of the couch with Jimin sitting next to her. Jungkook walked in and saw that there was no room besides the floor. So, he sat at her feet. Jin and Mi Sun sat on the floor cuddling. Yoongi and Hoseok warned them to keep everything PG.
The first movie was a comedy to lighten the mood before they started the second movie which had some horror to it. Hoseok jumped and scream some when something would pop out. Jungkook felt Ji Su jump a little. She ended up putting her hand on his shoulder and squeezed when she jumped. Jungkook smiled thinking that he was in a way protecting her. He was digging deeper in that hole.
By the time the fourth movie was on everyone was slowly falling asleep. Ji Su was on Jungkook’s left side. Taehyung asked her during the third movie, if she wanted to switch and she told she was happy to. Ji Su placed her head on his shoulder fighting to keep her eyes opened. Jungkook watched her and saw Jin stand up. Jungkook looked up to see that Jin and Mi Sun stand up and walk away.
“You asleep?” Jungkook asked in a whisper to Ji Su.
“Almost.” She told him with a yawn and wrapped her arms around his left arm. Jungkook smirked on how cute she was acting.
“Mom and dad went to bed. Would you like to sneak into your room and sleep?” He asked her and saw a smile appear on her face. Ji Su nodded and told him to wait 5 minutes before walking in. When 5 minutes was up, Jungkook looked to make sure no one was watching him sneak into Ji Su’s room. From what he saw, everyone was out cold.
He walked in to see Ji Su in bed shorts and a t-shirt was hiked up showing that delicious skin of hers. Jungkook took his shirt off and climb into bed. He leaned down and kissed her smirking when he tasted the cherries. Ji Su kissed him back, but stopped. He looked at her to see if she was ok.
“Sorry Jungkook, but I have no energy tonight.” She told him while yawning.
“That’s ok was can just sleep and I mean just sleep.” He told her which he earned a tired giggle from her. He leaned down and kissed her before helping her climb into the sheets and wrapping his long arms around her.

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