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oppas i love u all sooo much i missed u all soo much thank u all 4 coming back i might have just started my jouney w u all i might nothave been thr 4 all those years but i love SS501 like crazy and i did miss u all sooo much i am sooo touched love u all omo and they were all crying awwww love uu AND I REALLY LOVE OPPA JUNG MIN he is really the best he kept it all in control love u oppa and my namja 2 of course he is first HYUN JOONG such a sweetheart lol i love them all saranghhae SS501 43V3R <3 :-) @hebamaher chingu u shd c dis
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i love that videoo so muchhh i almost cried <3 but i still love thm all :D