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It's that time of the week again! This Waifu Wednesday is dedicated to our royal waifus! So who's your princess?

Vivi Nefeltari - One Piece

So I tend to avoid One Piece for these things because of spoilers since I'm only around episode 270 (Water 7 arc). So I thought I'd seen the last of this lovely lady, but upon making this card, I accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler that I'll be seeing her again eventually! No complaints here! Beautiful, strong, and principled, I was a bit sad she and Carue couldn't stick around after the Alabasta saga, but, after achieving peace in her homeland, her duty and devotion to her people took priority. I like to think she'll always be an honorary Straw Hat, though!
So share your princess waifu with us!
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Im sad it wont let mw like rhw card
😟 That's weird... I think that's happened to me a couple times. Maybe you got a wonky internet connection or something? Weird that you could still comment though... 🤔