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Hello everyone! It's Jenny! Today we will learn about our awesome leader!!!!
Name: Jo One Junn (조원준)
Stage Name: Wonjun / Onejunn 
Nickname: Glutton member/ Glutton Leader/ Ajusshi Leader
Position: Leader, Main Vocal 
Birthday: November 22, 1988 
Height: 179 cm 
Weight: 61kg 
Horoscope: Sagittarius 
Blood Type: AB 


*He’s the one who eats the most in the group. It was clearly seen through the episodes of “Rookie King Boys Republic”. 
*Although he’s the leader, he likes teasing the other members. 
*He was voted as the “Fashion Terrorist” of the group (by the members votes), Sungjun commented “One time, when we were about to go out, I saw a huge grasshopper come outside of the house. But then I realized it was Wonjun dressed in all Green.” *Is known to be a great singer . *His hairstyle is asymmetrical bang. *He becomes happy when he sings a song. *He knows he has fewer hands than other member. *His ideal type of women is someone who has big smile and is good at cooking.

Awww my bias, my honey. He is so cute!!!
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I need to learn how to cook 😂
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