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Today we are posting about what you love about each member.


He's my bias so I love everything about him! He's moved so fast up my bias list and he's made it to second place on it. I think the part I love about him the most is his voice and his height, plus have you seen this boy? He's literally the cutest cheeseball ever and he's so freaking talented!


So not all of you may know this but Mama Hongseok here is my bias wrecker! He's such an adorable human being. Plus he's a legit mom and I can't resist the mom's of the groups! XD


As for the others I love them all. From Hui's leadership skills to his beautiful voice. E'Dawn's unique tone of rapping. Yeo One and all his shyness. Wooseok and his rap skills and his height. Yuto's quiet self yet deep rapping voice. Kino's dance skills which are beautiful. Fashionista Shinwon who's the closest to me in age. And lastly cutie Yan An who is too precious for this world.

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"from Hui's leadership skills to his beautiful voice." *cries* his voice is really beautiful"
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It'd be the death of me