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Hey welcome to the second Wonho day!!

Today since I've already introduced him last week I'm going to provide some fun facts and videos for you!

~He loves to eat healthy stuff that contains lots of good nutrients.
~In 2010, he was a part of the TV show “Ulzzang Shidae”.
~He looks up to Kanye West.
~He is terribly afraid of heights.
~He is trilingual, can fluently speak French, Korean and Japanese.
~He shares a house with 2 of Monsta X members.
~He loves video games.
~His ideal type of woman is a woman who can cook.
~One of his hobbies include studying about music.
~He likes electronics so much that he is always updated about the latest trends.

Some of the same facts mentioned before but I thought I'd add it anyways!
He can go from cute to rude really quick!

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Ooooooo so exciting
Then he can teach Kyun French since he wants to learn (also here I know French as well!) Also....WHAT!! They don't live in the dorm anymore?? Since when?? And who does he live with?
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You're welcome! It was hard finding facts I didn't include in my last post! 😊 Thank you for enjoying the card though!
Reading the facts and getting excited cuz perfect match then suddenly "his ideal woman is one that can cook", instant disappointment cuz I can't cook. FeelsBadMan, seems like I need to start taking cooking lessons.
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Why didn't I think of that, haha!