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hello hello my lovely Tinkerbells and welcome to our very own Cherry Blossom Festival with KNK!!
Yes, that's right! Our beautiful cherry blossom tree Inseong is ready to celebrate. So pull up a seat and let's enjoy the cherry blossom tree :]
Name: Jeong In Seong Birthday: July 1, 1994 Position: vocals Height: 183cm Weight: 71kg

Before his debut with the group, he was a trainee at the FNC Entertainment. He also had some training with Big Hit Entertainment.

Inseong has three younger brothers.
he dislikes ginger. He is a positive person. He likes tall and cute girls. Inseong also enjoys playing with legos.
Now that we know a little bit about our cherry blossom tree, let's enjoy its beauty.
we have his eyes
his bunny tooth grin
this sweater that makes him look super broad lol
how to describe Inseong's laugh:
Extremely loud, high pitched, chipmunk like uncontrollable laughter
an embarrassed Inseong
haha we'll stop there I guess. Come back and see me next week lovelies, for I, Bren, will be showcasing our beautiful Inseong
(oops my finger slipped)