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Try listening to the song "Do I wanna know" by Arctic Monkeys when you read this. It may help capture the vision and the reason why I chose that profession for the main lead.
Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek What:Smuts R Us we're here to fulfill all your Smut filled needs. We've got slow Smut, fast smut, sweet Smut, hardcore Smut. Smut to please all your smutty needs. Story:N/a He's here again. Four nights in a row, he keeps coming in. This time he might ask for you. He did the last two nights. He seemed to like you a bit. You were next to go out, the music was playing and your skimpy outfit was on. A white skirt with a flirty red trim that showed your ass and then a white lace bra. You didn't have to take off your clothes just dance. A dance was all you needed. He wasn't a boss, he couldn't be someone that was researching you but you could see from behind stage he was searching for someone. The first night he had you dance for him he seemed mesmerized by the way you moved your hips. You let him touch you but just your hips and ass. He looked like he wanted more. He had this little pout on his face or maybe it was his resting face. He looked serious but gentle at the same time. He looked you in the eyes and you swore your heart leapt a bit, it caught you off guard and scared you a bit. It was something you'd never experienced before. Yesterday when he came back and specifically asked for you, you were surprised. He paid for another dance. Twice in one day and all you had to do was move to the music and let him touch a little. He would get hard and a bit frustrated that he couldn't sleep with you. He looked like he was looking for a way. His eyes held a silent threat that he would have you. You wanted him to have you but you weren't going to give it up so easily. You didn't like the idea of sleeping with him for money either though but you wanted him. You knew your body did. He looked like he was searching for you for so long. You came out on stage the moment your music began. You moved to the song. "Do I wanna know. If this feeling flows both ways." Arctic Monkeys, it was the best song to strip to or even give a little dance. You swung around on the pole. You jumped and hooked your leg around it to spin upside down. Your red heels hit the floor and you stood up straight coming to the pole then walking around it. You opened your legs and did a squat. Your eyes were playfully seductive but they became almost animal like hungry when you saw his eyes meet yours. He licked his lips seeing you up there on the stage. He was watching you intensely and that gave you such a rush. No one else in the club was making you feel like this just him. You didn't even know his name but you knew what he was doing to your body; his eyes were practically undressing you. You teased him more. You looked around and found a customer and pulled on their chin to gift a peck on the lips. You crawled on the stage and rolled your body against it. You raised your ass to shake it a little and that got almost every man's voice cheering for you to shake your ass more. He just watched intensely. Oh god your heart was racing but it was so much fun. You continued your sexy little dance but you were emphasizing certain things for his benefit not the others in the room. This was all about you and him. You turned around and popped your ass only making the men go more wild. Money flew onto the stage and you picked it up as you laid on your back and opened your legs, you pulled them back together and kicked them one by one until you brought them to the floor again. You went into a split and basically showed off how flexible you were. You watched him shift in his chair. His already small eyes became smaller as he narrowed them on you. His hand was to his mouth, his long slender fingers touched his lip before he brought it down to lick it. He wanted you didn't he? Was he coming for you today? One of the other girls on the floor came to him and started to dance for him which disheartened you. He took the dance, even paid for her. You continued your dance for your time up there. Your hips swayed and you continued your work on the pole. He was watching you again. Even with her there, he was watching you. Watch me. You wanted to smile. His eyes on you were perfect. He was making you wet while you were on stage just by watching you. You were dancing for him. You teased him by playing with the straps of your bra you pulled both ends down and shook a little to make your breast jiggle. He looked like he couldn't handle it anymore. He got up and walked away. You wondered if you pissed him off; he walked off but you wanted him to stay... Your dance was finished so you got off the stage and went into the back. The man in charge, you guys called him Loco, came in the back and said. "Y/n there's a customer that wants you in the backroom." You bit back the smile that was about to form. He didn't leave did he? He went and ordered a night with you. The fact that he paid for you annoyed you though. It was your job though, you weren't exactly sure why it annoyed you. You got up and were escorted by Loco after covering up. You were in a different outfit now, one that looked less like a sexy Harley Quinn ensemble and looked more like a Slade get up. You wore your purple silk robe to cover yourself as you headed into the room. Loco closed the door behind you after telling you that he paid for a few hours with you. You held back a gasp. A few hours? This man's stamina and wallet. That's a lot of money. You stood in front of him with your arms crossed. "You sure a few hours is what you want?" You asked. He nodded. He didn't say a word but he stood up slowly and moved over to you. He was taller than you, the past two times he was sitting down when you danced for him so you didn't think about him towering over your body like he already owned you. He snatched you up in his arms; his lips crushed against yours while his hand came to the back of your head and gripped your hair. He was more hungry than you thought but that kiss took your breath away. He pulled away and those same dark eyes pierced through you again. "I keep dreaming about you. Why is that?" He said. "Your mind is telling you what you want." You grinned. "That would be a prettier smile if you weren't trying to seduce me. You've already got me, I don't want fake temptation." "Then you've come to the wrong place babe." You said rolling your eyes. He held you closer to him and your eyes went back to his. You didn't like this feeling he was giving you. You were turned on but you felt yourself becoming a little to weak for him. He would taste amazing on your lips again. He leaned down after seeing you staring at them. He brought his lips close to yours but he didn't kiss you. You were breathless just like that, breathing him in like he was you. Your heart was racing. "What's your name?" He asked. "You already know." "Not your stage name. Your name." He said. He was a little short with it but he didn't seem to want to play too many games, then again with all the money he shelled out to have you, you probably wouldn't have wanted to waste time either. "Hold on you didn't pay for a few hours of sex did you? We don't do that here we just do dances we let you see a little more back here but-" "What's your name?" He cut you off. You narrowed your eyes on him and pulled out of his arms. "Y/n." You said. "Mintaek." He said. You nodded. There was tension in the room, more sexual than aggressive. You were looking at the way his button up fit his body. He had a small frame but he was handsome. His jawline was incredible. His long thin fingers inside you would've been the best thing ever. Your heart was leaping thinking about him on you. Just they way he kissed you was aggressive and it had you wanting to flip. You took off your robe and turned up the music a little more for you and him to hear. You gave a slow sexy strut as you came over to him. Your black heels clicked with every step. You placed your hands on his chest and you led him back to the chair in the middle of the room. Loco set him up in a room with one of the beds though, you weren't supposed to use this room. The bed was supposed to be taken out but he always changed the sheets for some reason. Maybe that did happen here and Loco hadn't told you or maybe Loco had his own little fantasies back here after the place closed down. You saw him swallow a bit hard. His hand ran up your arm and his eyes washed over your body soaking you up. He blinked, looking at you in the half brown, half black outfit. The skirt two sizes too short and revealing your black thong. Your top pushing your breast up to show a hell of a lot of cleavage. You sat on his lap and began to grind against him. You could feel him long, thick and already hard. "Y/n." He whispered. Shit that sounded hot. Your name never sounded better coming off a man's lips. You tried not to lose your control, just a dance that was it. You looked at his face and the sight of him turned on and licking his lips in want was causing your body to warm. You swallowed hard. He was kind of dangerous. His hand touched your leg and you almost thought to swat it away but you kept the dance going. You had to part your lips just to breathe. Your heart was racing at the moment. How did he get you this turned on? He slid his hand up your thigh and moaned lightly. You bit down on your bottom lip. You weren't supposed to be encouraging him. Your hand pulled up his from your thigh and you took his other hand in yours. You locked fingers with him so that you occupied his hands. Your hips moved side to side over his groin. You backed up and bent over so he could see your chest poke out more; you gave him the sexiest dance you could offer and he silently soaked in every movement. His eyes were making your body ache. You were begging your body to just behave for the next few hours. You dipped down and opened your legs so your thong was in full view for him. You came back up and smiled when you saw the smirk on his lips. "Y/n." He cooed. Your body shuddered at his low voice calling to you. Your heart jumped a little and you shook. "What was your plan, paying for all my time like this?" You questioned. His eyes looked you up and down and that just made it worse, your body was screaming to let him touch you. The bed was right there behind him. You just didn't like the idea of him paying for you. A sexy dance was fine you didn't mind that but sex for payment crossed your line. "I'm a little obsessed I'm afraid. I came in here four days ago and saw you. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Then I had you Dance for me to get you out of my system. You just got deeper. I told you I dreamt about you and you were," he licked his lips. "Amazing." Were you panting? Your chest rose and fell at the sight of him licking his lips. His eyes settled at your skirt and you wanted him ripping it off of you. So much lust was filling you up. "It wasn't my intention to have sex I just wanted you alone to myself. I like it more when we're focused on each other only. My shirt yesterday smells like you. There's a song I was listening to going to work and, I don't know, it some how made me think of you. I think I got addicted before I even got a taste." He admitted. Fuck. He was making you a bit hungry. Maybe he knew how to work his words to make you weak. You weren't as easy as he might think. "You don't have to dance. We can just talk or something. I sort of just wanted it to be you and me. I don't think I have the patience to wait for you to get off work. I already can't touch you." He said. Obviously Loco didn't share the same sentiment. He definitely gave you this room on purpose. The snake. His fingers ran over the silk robe you dropped and he lifted it up. The way his fingers gently held the fabric in his hand was messing with your head. What if he had taken your robe off? His hands felt good on your skin that's what you liked. You walked up to him and looked him in the eyes. He tried to wrap the robe around you until you pushed it away. He cocked an eyebrow. "Just this once." You said. You pushed him down to the chair and straddled him again. You crashed your lips against his and he welcomed your tongue in his mouth with a deep groan. His arm wrapped around your waist and you grabbed his other hand to guide to your folds. You pushed his hand past your thong and let him pet you. You moaned lightly. Your hips rolled against his long fingers before you heard him moan lightly, "Y/n." You stared him in the eyes, looking just as turned on as he was, completely fucked out. You licked your lips and kissed him again like you were eating him up. His arm came from around your waist and gripped onto your hip. You felt his fingers moved down your slick folds and come to your entrance. You gasped through a moan as you felt two fingers push into you. You leaned back a bit holding onto his shoulder as you did and you rolled your hips on his fingers while he pushed them into you. You whined as you moved and your eyes went back down to lock with his. "Oooh. Mintaek." You moaned. He pulled you close and kissed you. His fingers continued pumping into you slowly but your body wanted more. He laced his fingers though your hair and kissed you harder. Your lips hurt but you loved it. He pulled his fingers out of you and you exhaled disappointed. "Don't stop." You said softly. He rose from his chair with your legs wrapping around him and he laid you on the bed. His fingers went back into your heat and you gasped and gripped the bed. One of your legs pulled up to you, your butt lifted and you could feel his long thin fingers go deeper, making you cry out into the room in lustful desperation. He watched you squirm under him for a moment. His eyes were so deep and dark. You wondered if he were a demon come to steal you soul. His silence was unbearable but he was soaking in every bit of you. He dipped his head between your legs and kissed your thighs. Softly he made a trail up your inner thigh while his finger continued to move in you. He stretched you out by separating his fingers inside you. You moaned "no" but god you meant "yes". Fuck yes. He pulled out of you again and yanked down your skirt and panties. The sudden roughness had your stomach twisting and you giggling. He looked so serious. He opened your legs wide. He looked down and his eyes looked like that of a starving man. He licked his lips, every time he did that your body twitched. His lips were like candy to a sweet tooth. His lips were the allure of Apollo and Adonis mixed. His fucking lips were heaven. He kissed your clit with those lips and you let the moan slip. Your voice got louder with each kiss but didn't out beat the music from outside. His tongue licked up the nub, wiggling, teasing, torturing you. You bit your lip and raked your hand through his hair. You tugged on him but he went deeper, he became more hungry and ravenous. "Oh my god." You moaned. "Oh my god, oh my god. Mintaek.... Min- taek. I'm gonna- cum!" You said feeling your body shake. The minute you said that he pulled away. The glisten of your juices on his lips was too erotic for you to comprehend. Your core clenched tight; your body sang "take me". You reached up for him just as he came down to meet you and you kissed him with passionate fever. You ate him up like he did you. His hand tugged at the back of your bra working to get it off. Your arms were around his neck but quickly unlatched to get to his shirt. You were panting hard as you unbuttoned his shirt. He helped you get it off and then you went to his pants. You moved fast, your hands were shaking with the ultimate excitement adrenaline rushed through your body like a wave of electricity bringing you back to life. You had never been this excited for sex before. Never this fucking starved. "Oh shit." You whispered in disbelief. You had felt him through his pants but looking at him now, he was incredible. He pushed you down and came over top of you. "You don't want me to-" "No." He said knowing what you meant. No he couldn't wait, you couldn't either but you felt like the favor had to be returned. He pushed inside you quick causing you to scream. He drowned it with a kiss, he swallowed the sound up and let it turn to a moan. His hips started off slow. He was breathing hard and close to your ear. Those sounds were so sexy, sensual and just down right arousing. Your body bloomed like a flower, you were beaming as he started riding into you harder. He had grabbed your wrist and pinned one arm down while the other one held the back of your head then trailed down to your ass. He squeezed your butt and teased the one side before going faster. Your moans didn't cease. They were all for him; you gave it all to him. Your heart felt like it was going to explode. Missionary wasn't enough, you needed another position a new way to feel him. He seemed to be thinking the same thing. He swung his leg over yours and took your other leg and raised it on his shoulder. You were on your side while he moved in you. The angle was amazing and something you never felt before. "Fuck." He groaned feeling you tighten on him. "Y/n." He moaned. "Jesus Mintaek you're gonna kill me." You said panting harder. Your heart was ready to pop but you didn't want him stopping anytime soon. He dropped your leg and put you on your knees. He slipped into you from behind and started to move again. Each time he came out of you he moved slow before working up the pace to go fast and hard again. He got you screaming, moaning, losing your fucking mind. You were gripping the sheets to the bed, calling his name, cursing and begging. He liked the begging. You could hear the grunt, the chuckle, you could feel the roughness in his movements. You thought he was going to be soft and gentle. He was exactly what you wanted. He leaned over your body and wrapped his arm around your waist, his finger tips found your clit and tapped it lightly to torture you. You whined but begged, "Please let me cum." "Play with your nipples." He said ignoring your plea. His voice was dark and husky, he sounded as fucked out as you looked. Your fingers went to your nipples obediently, you rolled them over the small nub and played with one side before going to the other. He lifted you up straight and his hand went to your neck to hold you close to him. He kissed your neck making you melt into him. You were weaker now than you were before. He was still moving in you, just incredibly teasingly. "Let me cum." You whined. Both your hands tugged at your nipples. You felt him pull out of you and you felt yourself ready to scream in frustration. He was bringing you to an edge and then leaving you so you could come down. He laid down on the bed beside you and pushed your hip. He held his heat in his hand and had it standing up waiting for attention. "Ride me." He said. You weren't going to say no especially not now. Your leg swung over both his until you were straddling him. You sank down on him and started to bounce up and down at a quick pace. Your hands rested on his chest and your eyes locked with his. Fucking hell his eyes were going to be the death of you. Those dark deep pools of desire were worth drowning in. Worth losing yourself in. You had lost yourself. No other customer could get you to do this. He could have you for as long as he wanted you. He could take you back to his place, you could take him back to yours and you two could stay up all night humping like bunnies. He was making you that insane, he was making you that obsessed. He was making you that ...hungry. You kissed him while riding him but you needed to breathe, the kisses lasted for only seconds. Not long enough for you but your body tightened and he gripped your hips to move you faster. One of his eyes closed like pleasure was overwhelming him. "Are you gonna come baby?" He said. "Yes, yes. Yes!" "Come Y/n. Cum for me beautiful." He encouraged. You could hear it in his voice he was going to explode. "Mintaek!" You jolted on top of him, he quickly flipped you over when your movements stopped. Your body was still in spams but he couldn't let his high go away. "Almost." He said. He hooked your legs in his arms. Missionary again. He lifted you up, he was relentless. He was dominating your body like he owned it. Your mind, body, legs all felt like jelly. "Ohhhh- fuck, Y/n." He moaned. He filled you up but you were too much like jelly to be upset at yourself for not asking about a condom. He leaned over your body panting, completely spent. He looked you in the eyes and cupped your cheek. "I didn't plan that." He said. You could tell in his voice he wanted you to understand that he wasn't looking for a hook up, one night thing. His thumb grazed your bottom lip and pulled at it slightly. "I don't think I can give up this obsession." He said. "Than don't." You said. He smiled, his smile made him even more handsome. He dipped down to kiss you again. The lip lock was much less intense, you both spent so much energy having sex all you could do was muster the energy for a deep slow kiss. Your arms wrapped around his neck. "I'll put my number in your phone, next time you want me don't pay for a dance just give me a call I'll give you so much more." "I look forward to it Beautiful." He said brushing back your sweaty bangs. He curled up to you on the bed. "We still have an hour or so left." He said. "Yeah but I can't go another round just yet." "Let's just talk for now." You chuckled. "Y/n do I wanna know if you feel the same way?" He asked. "All things come in good time Mintaek. Enjoy this for now." How could you tell him that this feeling flows both ways? 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