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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with this week's Maknae line theme! This week we're writing scenarios so (tbh I know they're probably terrible, but it is not my fault I'm not creative. I was born without creative drive....I was however born with a great sense of humor! *cricket noises*) I have three here~ My scenarios are for the cute Maknae Dongwoon!! So let's go!
FIRST DATE~ He takes you to the amusement park so you can have fun on your date (and because that was the first thing that came up in the google search for 'good places for dates'). Everything's all great until he drags you to the roller coasters (I don't know if you guys like them or not, but I don't they're terrifying...) and preaches about how he's a real man who's not afraid of the roller coaster. As soon as you guys get on and the coaster starts moving, he grabs your hand and squeezes saying "I just want to make sure you're not scared!". He screams at the top of his lungs going down the first hill and keeps holing your hand because he threw his dignity out the window as soon as the first drop came.
WHEN YOU'RE UPSET~ you come home upset because your best friend blew you off for her boyfriend and he sees that you're not in a good mood so he goes to the store and gets your favorite flavor ice cream and your favorite candy bars. When he gets back he puts in your favorite movie and cuddles with you all day until you fall asleep in his arms.
COOKING DINNER~ You're cooking dinner, his favorite meal, when he notices and comes to distract you. You swat at him and tell him to go away so you can cook, but then he back hugs you, wrapping his arms carefully around your waist and placing his head on your shoulder. When you tell him to stop again he just snuggles closer until you finally give in and finish cooking (with him lcinging to you like a koala).
Okay, so that was it! I don't know if you guys think these are good, but I cringed writing them. Like I cringed so hardcore and that was my goal, so if you cringe while reading this god bless you because you've made it through the worst I could imagine. ANYWHO, Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.
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They were fine. Don't worry. I liked them 👍
You did really good on them.
Thank you~
I especially love the part about how he googled good places for dates. lol
I loved them! The first date is my favorite one.
I did not cringe, but i did imagine Dongwoon clinging like a koala while im cooking and that made me giggle a bit seeing as he is super tall and im short... These are good!
Ahah awe! Thank you~