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안녕하세요 친구

Welcome my lovely Tinkerbells and soon to be Tinkerbells!!

It's your KNK Moderator here 이솔다, bring you another card of yes-ness from these gorgeous trees.

^So you have an idea of tall is the shortest tree^

This time it's a lovely interaction on reality TV/youtube (for international fans) show: "Weekly Idol"

Our lovely trees were up against a well-known and amazing sunbae group...which you may or may not know of.....


check out their very active community -->here<-- and their amazing mod and mod supporters.

NOW, let's get on with the gifs....finally lol

Aww, poor Highlight sunbaes couldn't win against these trees.

*secretly excited*


안녕 팅커벨!!

Highlight mod => @Helixx
*wasn't sure to tag your support 언니*

-Hope you show love to the lovely trees!

**If you would like to be tagged or untagged or whatnot click link below or comment below** 고마워요!!

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Ummmmm why Woonie has no shoes? Also we got 3 in Highlight that work out.......OMG 😭we need to send the other two to the gym. My boys are little ragdolls. Hahhahaha this is funny. Thank you for sharing this lol
His shoes were little slipper things that were easy to come off so he just took em off
I love them so much!! Poor Highlight though 😭😂😭😂
Awe! Poor Highlight! 😯
I haven't watched that one yet. I need to. you can't tell how tall a group member is until they stand with another group. CN Blue's Young Hwa looks so short in his group, but he was standing next to BTS, and he's taller than all of them.
Cutie pies, every single one of them!
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