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안녕하세요 친구

Sooo...after chatting with my mod from BTS I have decided to post the first part of my series of one shots/story called:


-if it's something a few of you would like to read let me know if not then I shall delete this later.

WELP, here goes nothing....

"Y/n, he's ready to see you." Okay I just got to play it safe and cool. Let's not have another disaster like last interview. I'm surprised I even got the call back. "Good luck." And with a last smirk and glare she left me in the dark. Well, no wasting anytime as I pushed open the dark mahogany wooden door, letting it fall shut behind me. I was three steps into the gloomy space when his hands reached out, grabbing my shoulders as he pulled me into his chest. I yelped. "Shhh," He whispered in my ear, "You have nothing to be nervous or afraid of. I'll keep you safe." His nose pressed against the nape of my neck as he breathed in my hair scent and squeezed my shoulders once again as he scooted closer to my back. His legs were now on either side of my straighten stance, trapping me from even wanting to leave. "Move away from me and I shall give you a punishment" he stated quite huskily, "Which reminds me gatita, you did something quite terrible for your first interview, remember? You owe me a show, so drop everything" And moved my hair covering my neck as his hot tongue marked me from my collarbone to my ear lobe. "Oh god" I thought, my legs trembled slightly but it was enough for him to stop and step back, away from me never losing contact with my shoulders and said, "Now, it's two that you shall receive. Remove your first layer y/n and then turn around to face me." Utterly nervous and a bit exhilarated, I removed my jacket and did an about face like he said. "Now, your first punishment shall be..."

Thank you if you read it...

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oh....interesting...yeah I want to read please heh
tag me if you continue. I love it!
Can yoh tag me please! 😊
Sure tag me
omg talk about getting straight to the point hahaha lol....i would really like how you continue this so please tag me thanks 💖💖😉