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“Where are the others? Who else knows?” She asked.

Her head was spinning. She was going from one nightmare to another. She felt an anxiety attack coming on, the panic and fear of being caught came down on her like a building crashing down on her head. He was telling her something but she couldn't hear him through the pounding that was emanating throughout her body. The room started to spin, she got up as fast as she could and despite the excruciating pain in her leg, she ran for the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Her head hovered over the toilet.

Nothing but the coffee she drank earlier was coming out. Her stomach pushed and pushed. When it finally stopped, her body just gave out and she fell to the floor. She curled into a fetal position, pulling a towel down over her head. She must've jammed it shut because she could hear him start to kick the door, cursing at it. It swung open, barely grazing her back. He lifted her up off the floor.

“What happened? Why did you get sick?” He asked laying her down, “You don't have to worry, I'm going to take care of it…” he pulled the towel off her head, “you don't have to worry.” He wiped her face.

“What if he calls the police on me? I could go to jail for attempted murder. You know how many years that is?”

“I'm telling you right now, it's not going to happen. I've spoken to my hyung's, they couldn't believe it at first but after seeing you like this, they believed me. And after seeing him like that… Baby you did well.” He leaned over her, looking down at her. He caressed her cheek with a finger, pushing her hair away. At that moment, he couldn't think of living without her, “What worried me was that you killed someone. It scared me to think that you'd be taken away from me and that he'd succeeded in his promise to separate us. I got scared…”

She reached up and touched his chin. She scooted over and had him lay down next to her. His head resting on her chest, her hand smoothing over his hair. His long limbs draped over her body, his one hand softly caressed her belly. Even though he was being gentle, it hurt. All she could think about at that moment was the manager kicking her there, over and over. She stopped his hand and pulled his face up to hers.

“I’m scared too.” She said giving him a kiss. Her lips trembled against his, his lips were so warm and felt so real. She thought about when she was locked in that room. How she missed being by him. How she was afraid she may never see him again. Holding him in her arms, she remembered why she fought, why she wanted to kill that bastard. No one was going to come between them. No one.

She deepened the kiss. He moaned softly, only parting his mouth to ask if she was sure. She looked him in the eyes and she kissed him again, pulling him closer. She needed to feel his touch, to feel his skin against hers, she needed him to push past this. To get the feeling of the managers hands on her out of her system, off her skin. He pulled away, looking at her face. He turned her head one way and kissed her bruised cheek, tilted her head the other way and kissed her neck. As he took off her shirt, he kissed every scratch and bruise.