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I want to start a new series where I post my music favorites each month.

Someone hold me accountable and make me do April's SRSLY! Here~ we~ go~~~

King Tuff - Wild Desire

I heard this song in a random Spotify playlist and immediately knew I needed to use this song in one of my Tokyo videos, which of course, I did :) It is soooo fun and you can't sit still when you listen to it. My coworkers definitely give me looks when I listen to this at work because I am totally bopping at my desk.

Lorde - Green Light

I am still so, so obsessed with this song its unreal. From the very first listen I fell deeply in love. I really loved Lorde's first album but I think this is a great change from that. Her next album isn't going to be the exact same thing and that's fabulous!

Also check out Liability:

Pristin - Wee Woo

At first this song drove me INSANE but my two coworkers sang it outloud at our desk for legit 3 days in a row and it grew on me hahaha It reminds me of when I first heard I Got A Boy by SNSD and it felt like too many different songs mixed together and I hated but then suddenly and inexplicably it became my jam.

OOHYO - Pizza

Such a simple but awesome song and the fact that she talks about pizza half the time makes it so much better :D Definitely listen regardless of if you like Korean music or not!

What have you been listening to?~

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I agree with you on Wee Woo I heard it once and didnt pay much attention but after a second listen I definitely like it but I've been listening a lot to the Arctic Monkeys along with Twenty One Pilots.