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Sweeping stretches of beautiful coasts, rugged landscapes, Mediterranean climate and small islands in open sea makes Croatia a perfect yoga retreat. The geographic diversity of the land makes Croatia home to an endless number of perfect yoga retreats in the world. You can practice meditation on a rocky mountain or do Surya Namaskar amidst cool salty breezes.
Let us get to know why Croatia is a perfect place to practice yoga.

Spectacular beaches and islands

Croatia is all about scenic pebbled beaches and islands. The place is home to an array of beautiful islands, each offering panoramic sights and attractions. These islands make Croatia perfect place to practice yoga. Great outdoors, ample natural beauty, spectacular views of the sea, salty sea breezes! A perfect calm and healing environment to practice yoga, asanas, meditation and positive thinking. Breathtaking scenery and sunsets make islands very special and best place to recharge and rejuvenate.

National parks

Croatia has eight national parks which are famous for stunning lakes and waterfalls. Some of these parks are thick forested and are filled with a wide array of botanical life, and numerous species of plants. Enjoying outdoors and practicing yoga amidst such calm, natural beauty is absolute bliss.

Beach life & soaring mountains

It is Croatia where you can enjoy beach life and charm of mountains at the same time. The place is geographically diverse, and there are several islands where beautiful hills and mountain ranges start just beaches end. So when you wish, you can enjoy stretches of sandy beaches and practice pranayama, or go on a refreshing trek to mountains and do meditation on a rocky hill.

Yoga retreats

The islands of Croatia are home to numerous, exceptional quality yoga retreats. These yoga retreats have been set in beautiful locations like over a bay, amidst pine forests, lovely Mediterranean garden, and incredibly peaceful atmosphere. Apart from practicing yoga, you can indulge in different types of activities like swimming in crystal clear sea water, take a sunbathe, closely watch glittering sea life, take an exhilarating hike on hills & forests or explore local history in a nearby town. You may also indulge yourself in kayaking, windsurfing, biking, hiking, cave exploring and a number of exciting activities. Sightseeing walks, stimulating discussion on philosophy, comfortable accommodation, and sumptuous meals are other attractions of visiting Croatia’s yoga retreats.
So, are you ready to visit Croatia for your next vacation?
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