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Translation: Ma Ri: Kyung Joon is a doctor? Why did he lie to me? Yoon Jae: From now on, I will be only next to you, 24/7! Ma Ri: A person he like? Kyung Joon doesn't have anyone he like! Yoon Jae: There is! (pointing at Da Ran) Here! Uncle: I don't think this is Kyung Joon's….did someone enter this house? Aunt: Did Kyung Joon meet his father? Bank teller: Are you going to withdraw all the money in your account? Se Young: Are you going to keep my house key? Or not? Yoon Jae: Is it your house key? Da Ran: Which house key is it that Yoon Jae is keeping? Yoon Jae: Actually, this key…. Da Ran: Could you tell me where is Se Young's home address? Get the next week episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :)
@soula81: reallyyy?? wow that will be dramatic! and I wonder how Ma Ri found out the truth so fast...
I wonder if Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae are long-lost brothers
just need to wait until the subs come out!!
ohh this video got some replay of today's episode too!! thanks sapphire!!